Guided education is most effective way to achieve high competitive objectives

“Guided education is most effective way to achieve high competitive objectives”

My goal is to make this statement and provide knowledge available to motivated athletes. Which school to chose is not really my business.  Someone can choose the level of education of Harvard or someone can start in a local community college. The main idea of this behavior is  still the same: educate yourself with access to the best teachers.

You do not have the money to pay for your class? Yes, it is OK.

You do not have the money NOW at this particular moment.  At the time when you will choose to use guided education, you will find the way how to get the money or you will do something extra to get this requested amount available to your process of achieving your goal in the most effective way

 All your previous life experience was to learn how to make money. Is it correct?

If your approach was not an effective model before; it is only proof that your model of achieving your goal is not sufficient.  There are two ways out of this situation if you need to change something.

Get yourself uncomfortable with your current model or approach and learn from successful sources or remain calm and do nothing.

Guided education is most effective way to achieve high competitive objectives!

Guided education is most effective way to achieve high competitive objectives with less amount of time!

John Robinson at the face book
John Robinson #42 USAS National Ranking wrote in 2011‏

“In November 2009 I purchased a Hammerli Master CO2 pistol from a friend and began 10 meter Olympic target shooting. By late December I needed a new pistol, as I was outshooting the Hammerli. I purchased a new Baikal IZH46M air pistol. By June2010 I was shooting 540 average out of 600 consistently, and went to a shooting class that teaches nuances of Olympic style shooting. In July 2010 I purchased another air pistol, a top of the line Steyr LP10E. The same month I joined the Elkhorn Pistol Club, and began shooting an average of 550, I am currently (Apr,’11) shooting 563 average, placing my shooting rank at 42nd in the nation, as ranked by USAShooting. Personal best to date, 572, (in competition, this personal best score would place me 5th in the nation).

I have begun shooting Air Pistol competitions this year, and my scores have been ~ 550 average. I placed 3rd overall in the Minnesota State Championship, 3rd in the Camp Perry Civilian Marksmanship Program April monthly match, 2nd overall in the Illinois State Championship , and first in the Michigan State Air Pistol Championship so far this year. In the next several months, I am entered in 3 major USA National Air Pistol competitions and also the Canadian National championship.”
John Robinson at the face book

“I attended the 2-Day Workshop, “Perfect Single Shot Fundamentals Development”
Ruslan Dyatlov was the Instructor, whose precise and careful understanding of both the fundamentals, and the nuances, of the air pistol discipline were an inspiration to me. His one on one training course challenged me, while giving me effective skills for my advancement in the sport. I look forward to my continued improvement and guidance with Ruslan as my adviser.
John Robinson, Madison WI. June 2010”
World Land Speed Record holder
H/GCC Dodge Colt
Racing a BSA Victor 107.371MPH at the Salt
Greenland Ice Driller
Antarctic Ice Driller

Determination Lesson.

The main point of this message is that it is not necessary to wait five or ten years to collect and use the trial and error approach to achieve your goal. Your time is the most valuable thing. After five to ten years, your health level and your ability to see will slowly decline. It is an important factor to stay sharp, fit, knowledgeable, and determined to pursue your goal. Olga Kousnetsova came to the shooting club at the time when no one (coaches) was interested to even talk with her because by their decision making system, she was already “old” and not potentially valuable for the competitive team. By accident and curiosity, she was told to come the next morning because no one was able to convince her to leave the shooting range in one evening. This is how her story starts. In one year, she made the National Russian women’s pistol team and the rest of the story you can read on the internet and ISSF ranking database. This is the story of the 1996 Olympic Champion in women’s air pistol who knew what she wanted with her determination and clear goal vision.

I disagree with you Rob.

I disagree with you Rob.

I see many issues here on “TT”:
First issue is: when you and few others quietly and actively ignoring the fact that guided help is most effective way to help motivated athlete (not the reading of ten confusing posts from unknown sources.)

Second issue is: Any advice must be based on initial evaluation on performance, but not only on thoughts of unknowledgeable athlete.

Third issue is: you Rob become a part of the group of a few individuals who are benefited from hiding the real help.

I can continue this list.
Cost of this “trying to help” is wasted years for someone who built his performance on the ideas of questionable solution.

Rob, you are the coach, as I heard (provider of guided education). How many times from your 2486 posts at this forum, you just mention that “guided education is most effective way to achieve high competitive objectives”? I am afraid, that you not done it even once. 😦

It is important to understand what we do in my class

 It is important to understand what we do in my class.

Someone who climbed to this level AP 565-570 too long and not willing accept the new level of vision, he is not preconditioned to my class. He will always be looking how “to attach new buttons to his old blazer”( rephrasing this statement is: Tips vs. a new systematic approach.)

With this type of fast track improvement, do you think that your student will have gained enough overall shooting experience to be able to draw upon when the match nerves take over or when something goes wrong? ”

Situation when the match nerves take over is next level of my system.

First step is creating confidence and comfort level of performance AP 565-570 570 during first three months of my support without destructions of competitive environment.

Second step is taking this model of performance to the competitive environment and test it, adjust it, improve it.

Third step  is when my student is capable to perform same level of performance during the match we can take his level of performance where he can surpass his practice level performance during the match. I have this experience, and I know what to do to reach this level.

Positive Attitude, Meditation, Emotional Attachment and Mitigated Speech…

Positive Attitude, Meditation, Emotional Attachment and Mitigated Speech…

We will discuss this questions during my next two days classes  in May & June.

“Well, gentlemen. Next scenario, imagine surgeon who is meditating with his scalpel during the surgery, and applying all positive attitude to this meditation process. Would you like to be the patient during his session? 😉

Will you ask a doctor to which scalpel he is more emotionally attached? “

“A scalpel, or lancet, is a small and extremely sharp bladed instrument used for surgery”

John Robinson made the right decision to come for my two days class

John Robinson made the right decision to come for my two days class. I know who he is.

At this moment, I have a few more individuals on training that will super pass John’s achievement in different ways.
No one heard before what John did. He did it because of one of his abilities to process information toward making successful decisions.
He posted on “TT” a few times before he came to me. 😉

He achievement is unique! My respect John!


We can repeat this process over and over as a Conveyor system

So, I do not need to explain any longer that my two days (8 hours) is working model , since you are using my system for free.” 🙂

 John Robinson, by the way took my class and progress from level of 540 to 572 in two in a half month.
Would you like to see the picture of the day of his initial training?

We can repeat this process over and over as a Conveyor system in any country.