Four Most Important Reasons to Choose Troy, Michigan, USA Your Most Desired Vacation Destination in 2012 – 2013

Midwest Academy Consulting Group, Troy, MI.

“Perfect Single Shot Development Class”

Reason #1:

It is a safe and convenient location. There are plenty of attractions to see and do in the Troy/Birmingham Michigan area. It is the best destination to learn about Olympic Style Target Shooting in a short period of time. You can drive or fly from any destination local or international. It is a 40 to 45 minute drive from Detroit Metro International airport (DTW). We will arrange free transportation from airport before and after your desired class.

It is a close proximity to shopping centers such as the Somerset mall collection and downtown of Birmingham, the most popular visitor destination in the Southeast Michigan area with a variety of choices of dining and gourmet experiences.

 Reason #2:

You will be offered to participate and learn a beneficial style of fitness for Olympic style target shooting athletes during your stay and duration of your chosen class (FREE of Charge). This will be a great supplementary experience to activate your peak of performance to a potential level.

Reason #3:

We will provide all level of classes for competitive Olympic style target shooting athletes from beginners to international contenders.

Chose below what best fits your needs:

Introduction to Olympic pistol. One Day Class.

Basic Olympic pistol. One Day Class.

Intermediate Olympic pistol. Two day class (approximate time is 8 to 9 hours based on initial knowledge and skills of participants). Three months of support after initial training.

Master Class. Aspects of strategy, system and structure of successful competitive performance are taught.

Please contact us for details and price quotes.

We can assist individuals and small groups of motivated athletes, no country of origin matters to us as long as you can speak and understand English or Russian. At this point, we are working with athletes from different countries around the world including: Australia, Great Britain, Canada, and USA.

Reason #4:

Bonus real estate tour for International Investors (FREE of Charge).

If you interested to see the opportunity to check real estate market with a certified real estate consultant during your stay, you are welcome to ask about your potential interests about a real estate development option.

Currently, Real Estate in Troy, Michigan is 30-40% below the average market price in Real Estate. We see huge interest and international activities in this area with international developers.

We currently have a group of buyers from Ukraine, who are attracted and ready to take advantages of the big drop Real Estate market in this area (not previously financially reachable) and are ready to acquire chances to obtain Real Estate with potential profit on an initial investment as well as to obtain property for their children to provide them a chance to study aboard in the USA. Michigan has a good reputation for graduate and undergraduate schools.

Please contact us with all your questions and concerns by phone # below:

Sign up for your individual two day training in Troy, Michigan with experts in the Olympic style target shooting field (pistol).

“Perfect Single Shot Development Class”
Call Today: 248.935.3257

Traditional Coaching vs. Consulting.

Traditional coaching is usually referred as group coaching with the goal to select the most talented individuals and to assist them by providing standard methods of instructions. This method is a good way to learn safety rules and basic elements of performance. At the same time, future successful performance of individuals highly depends on how knowledgeable and experienced his mentor is, how motivated members of his group are and how high the goal is of this development.

All those elements are greatly linked to each other; a misbalance of those items will affect the speed of development of any highly motivated individual. If his goal of development is important enough for him, he must take steps toward changing initial conditions of his training. If a traditional coaching model does not work for him, he must look for alternative options such as:  switching to a different club, attending available clinics and seminars or to even create his own club and specialize on high competitive achievements of his group members.

We cannot expect  from the mediocrity of the current environment  high achievements of each individual. In current conditions of a club system, traditional coaching is oriented to make all club members happy. Here is the dilemma: it is impossible to make everyone happy because everyone has different aspirations. The goal of common happiness can be achieved in only one condition when the final goal of development is set low enough to be achieved by less talented individuals with minimum efforts. This is basically what is going on in major club systems. This is why common scores of AP 520-535 is the average in US. Based on this development, anyone who is capable to score over 540 is considered talented.

In reality, during two days of initial training (consulting) of my class, most of my students are capable to score 97-98-99 strings in AP one month after initial training with me. A very important point is how to make this pattern permanent in their performance.

Everyone came to my class with a certain baggage of years of initial development and life experience. Those years are imbedded in their automatic pattern of performance (subconscious level), not only some elements of performance, but mostly the pattern of behavior (perceptions). I have very little time to make an impact on this model. I capable to provide a new pattern of training, but the rest of this development depends on the level of motivation of the same individual who initially chose to invest his sources to work with me during my consulting session. I am providing three more month of support to help create a new pattern more stable while at the same time, I have limited sources to monitor a change in behavior pattern.

Sign up for your individual two day training in Troy, Michigan with experts in the Olympic style target shooting field (pistol).

“Perfect Single Shot Development Class”
Call Today: 248.935.3257

“This morning’s training my last ten shots would have scored a 98.”

 One of my students wrote today:

“This morning’s training my last ten shots would have scored a 98.”

 This new pattern of development must replace the old one. It takes at least three month of your complete attention to make it permanent. Do not get yourself involved in any other games like: competing immediately, changing pistols and buying new equipment, or hunting for more tips and secrets of successful performance.

98×6=588. It is close to the world record.

 Keep records of your current development!

Repeat the new model of performance six times!

 This is what you are required to accomplish!

98 is not an accident any more…

You came to my class to learn about this process!

It is yours now, use it!

The First Three Months after my class is the most important time of future changes!

I am still enjoying my short vacation in Boston ;)

It is a very nice city and I feel good energy all around; I hope I will come back soon and spend more time to learn about the history of this area.  I enjoyed myself by spending time on Commonwealth Avenue and Newbury Street.

I am still enjoying my short vacation in Boston 😉

A Few Nice Days in Boston.

The Best programs for Olympic Style target shooting athlete are:

The best fitness program for Olympic Style target shooting athlete is Bikram yoga.

“Yoga will change your body, your mind and your life.”

The Best educational program for Olympic Style target shooting athlete is Perfect Single Shot Development Class by Midwest Academy Consulting Group.

The Best Air Pistol for Olympic Style target shooting athlete is Morini 84E.

The best compositions for meditation written by Mike Rowland.

Personal Best Score Reported from Australia Competition Gold Coast, 9 Jun 2012

Personal Best Score Reported  from Australia Competition Gold Coast, 9 Jun 2012.

Initial training took place in February 2012 at Toronto, Canada.

3.) Sat, 9 Jun 2012 Gold Coast for a two day open.(Australia)

91, 86, 93, 91, 99, 96. 556

Two days 101 training (8 hours) Canada, Toronto: difference in competitive score performance (14-25 points)

24-26 February 2012 Doubletree International Plaza Hotel
655 Dixon Road
Toronto ON M9W 1J3

86 86 90 89 88 91 530X 4
91 87 87 83 81 90 519X 4 1049X

2.) One month after initial training : Australia  (difference in competitive score performance (14-25 points)).

1 – 8 April 2012 The 2012 ISSF / PA National Championships will be hosted by NSWAPA and conducted at the Cessnock Pistol Club, 31 March – 8 April (Australia)

10m Mens Air
Cessnock Pistol Club.
1 – 8 April 2012
Final Results – 08-Apr

93 87 86 89 95 94 544 -11x

3.) Sat, 9 Jun 2012 Gold Coast for a two day open.(Australia)
91, 86, 93, 91, 99, 96. 556

“Call the shot” Discussion!

“Call the shot” is not a point of discussion, it is the point of attention. It is written in your first book about target shooting: “Basic pistol”.

The next class will be available at Troy Michigan:” “Call the Shot” for Competitive Athletes”, by Midwest Academy Consulting Group in June 30, July 14  & 15, August 11 & 12, 2012. The group limit is to 5-6 participants. International students are welcome.

One-day class, (six hours).

Reference material will be provided after fulfillment of the class fee.

Contact me for pricing and accommodation details.

THE MET Hotel Detroit -Troy: 5500 Crooks Rd, 48098 Troy

  • Internet access – wireless (complimentary).
  • Breakfast available (surcharge)
  • Sauna
  • Swimming pool – indoor

Shooting range :  OCSCOakland County Sportsmen’s Club

Competitive Performance: Invest wisely! Plan your Success! Divulge yourself in  the New level of knowledge. Take action!

Competitive Performance

I Feel Great! Explore. Dream. Discover.

“You’re never too old, never too bad, never too late and never too sick to start from the scratch once again.” – Bikram Choudhury

Today is my 40th day of my personal 60 days Bikram yoga challenge. I feel great! 🙂


“Twenty years from now you will be more disappointed by the things that you didn’t do than by the ones you did do.So throw off the bowlines.Sail away from the safe harbor. Catch the trade winds in your sails. Explore. Dream. Discover.”

Mark Twain

Please Participate Actively

I would like to congratulate two new members of our mastermind group who finished their two day class with me. Every one achieved his class goal and was ready to work forward toward their NEW goals.

I would like to thank everyone who participated and supported their inquiries prior to their actual training days.

It is important to stay together in this development and share your own temporary difficulties and achievements in this group.

The first stage is to acknowledge the problem and report it.

Communication is the key.

Helping others who went through the similar experience is a important part of your own learning process!

Please participate actively!