Traditional Coaching vs. Consulting.

Traditional coaching is usually referred as group coaching with the goal to select the most talented individuals and to assist them by providing standard methods of instructions. This method is a good way to learn safety rules and basic elements of performance. At the same time, future successful performance of individuals highly depends on how knowledgeable and experienced his mentor is, how motivated members of his group are and how high the goal is of this development.

All those elements are greatly linked to each other; a misbalance of those items will affect the speed of development of any highly motivated individual. If his goal of development is important enough for him, he must take steps toward changing initial conditions of his training. If a traditional coaching model does not work for him, he must look for alternative options such as:  switching to a different club, attending available clinics and seminars or to even create his own club and specialize on high competitive achievements of his group members.

We cannot expect  from the mediocrity of the current environment  high achievements of each individual. In current conditions of a club system, traditional coaching is oriented to make all club members happy. Here is the dilemma: it is impossible to make everyone happy because everyone has different aspirations. The goal of common happiness can be achieved in only one condition when the final goal of development is set low enough to be achieved by less talented individuals with minimum efforts. This is basically what is going on in major club systems. This is why common scores of AP 520-535 is the average in US. Based on this development, anyone who is capable to score over 540 is considered talented.

In reality, during two days of initial training (consulting) of my class, most of my students are capable to score 97-98-99 strings in AP one month after initial training with me. A very important point is how to make this pattern permanent in their performance.

Everyone came to my class with a certain baggage of years of initial development and life experience. Those years are imbedded in their automatic pattern of performance (subconscious level), not only some elements of performance, but mostly the pattern of behavior (perceptions). I have very little time to make an impact on this model. I capable to provide a new pattern of training, but the rest of this development depends on the level of motivation of the same individual who initially chose to invest his sources to work with me during my consulting session. I am providing three more month of support to help create a new pattern more stable while at the same time, I have limited sources to monitor a change in behavior pattern.

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