Feedback from My Last Class in June 2012

I am happy to share some feedback from my recent class with my student from Texas, Jack. He took my class in early June 2012. He has previous competitive experience with Air Pistol and Free Pistol (over 60 competitions under his belt for the last 3 years). I am glad that my class met his expectations and that I was able to provide a valuable piece of mind for a motivated competitive athlete. I will continue to support his efforts to reach his goal. Yesterday, I received very important weekly report with this message: “I also have had what I would have called an 8 and it is a 10.” Not many competitive shooters are able to experience this kind of level of performance and I really am happy to see this sign of automatic performance of “perfect single shot development” under a month.

“You must learn and master the basics in any sport.  I have a thorough understanding of the basics after attending my two day class with Ruslan.  I realize the importance that each individual fundamental plays and how they all work together to form the perfect shot.  Prior to his class I relied on reading books, opinions on Target Talk, clinics, advice given by other shooters and coaches.  None of these sources presented the basics in as clear, complete, precise, and extremely specific manner as Ruslan has.  Narrowing down what is important and specifically how to execute each fundamental would have shortened my learning curve if I had known them when I first began to learn how to shoot an air pistol.  Ruslan’s class is a must if you have the desire to do well in this sport and do not expect years to learn what is necessary. ” Jack M. ( Sun, 1 Jul 2012)

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