The way you think about your process of development is extremely important for your progress of transformation

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“Perfect Single Shot Development Class”

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 Strong confidence in your words and it is a very important thing. The level of achieved confidence during my class must double everyone’s steps of speed and success, especially those who chose to change the model of their previous performance toward a new one. By the expression of choosing to change, I mean by having strong efforts and deeds to come to my class, meet the requirements of initial training and to follow my instructions thoroughly after my class.

I would like to specify some points of this development. Everyone in our group has their own goal written in their shooting diary, embedded in their own subconscious and initially shared in a written statement with me. From time to time, each of you must go over initial records and compare your initial statement and adjust it with a higher goal toward your larger aspirations.

Your goal is big part of your development!

I do not use common practice of sharing tips over the internet.

Tips will not affect the structure of initial performance.

Tips will not affect the power of goal setting.

Tips will not target real invisible points of necessary transformation.

 Everyone in our group has similar initial training with me, besides Paul and Jack. The only one difference was that Paul and Jack did not make any live shots during our training. They were so confident with the visual way to change their initial model of performance that they did not choose to go to the shooting range with me. Currently, they are making a more rapid approach toward their perfect model of performance from their initial level that makes me think to entirely eliminate live practice within my initial class. 😉

I would like to emphasize this thought again. The way you think about your process of development is extremely important for your progress of transformation. Use my complete system, not only some pieces of information, but the complete system. This is only way to achieve full benefits of your investment and full speed of the learning process.

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“Perfect Single Shot Development Class”
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