“The Devil is in the details”

Ruslan Dyatlov from Midwest Academy  Consulting Group at 2007 USAS National Air Pistol (Final) 5th Place

Ruslan Dyatlov from Midwest Academy Consulting Group at 2007 USAS National Air Pistol (Final) 5th Place

I hope you heard this expression before. Let me explain how to apply it to your favorite sport activity. We are still talking about Olympic style target shooting. You probably spent enough time of practicing and competing, but your score still does not match your expectations, even if it is not going up as you think it should be. You read a lot of books, listen to CDs, watch videos, but the result is not coming faster in your direction.  You probably start thinking to quit this sport because all your efforts are not producing any expected outcome. Yes, this option is available too and I saw a lot of talented and less talented athletes who decided to quit this sport without achieving a certain level of score performance, such as the international level of performance. They explored “all possible sources of information” to achieve their dream score performance and nothing worked for them so far.

The problem is that they use sources from the common audience; they use methods of general mass media used to entertain the public to make them feel comfortable and relaxed.  A few elements were misplaced and fewer elements were replaced with “look alkies” from the puzzle. This is why all efforts to connect all pieces together do not produce an expected level of performance.

What to do? Well, the first suggestion is you must seek your solution outside the box of the common area (where entertainment is the main priority).

The second suggestion is you have to ask the solution from someone who “knows how”. You have to learn from leaders in your industry, from someone who can produce this International level score, but who is not only capable to talk about it (some valuable bits of information can be missed without his or her acknowledgement due to lack of real experience).

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