What is Really Important to You?

I found this post on the forum today and it makes me think: what is really important to you?

Do you prefer to have a great purchasing experience with your Olympic pistol or to have a great experience of developing competitive skills and achieving a high level of performance during your practice time and the match? Think about it and do something about it.  

Glad to hear you had a great purchasing experience and that you are happy with your new gun. Now, I just want to say you are in a great position of privilege to do a nice comparison between the Matchguns MG2 (which from your postings, I believe you own) and the new Pardini. I would be SO appreciative of your opinion. I do hope, however, that you wait a bit and shoot that Pardini lots and get comfortable with it before you sit down and write us an amazing comparo. There are a lot of 1st week experiences out there, but not very many “long term test” reviews, especially comparative ones. Acknowledging this would still be one man’s opinion, it would be a huge asset to our forum!”


I hope my class can become as valuable as your purchasing experience and a huge asset to your competitive skills. 🙂