“If I was introduced to this system five, ten, or twenty years ago; I would have made the national team with no effort.”

What difference does my class make?

By reading posts on forums, looking for national performance scores, talking with athletes and coaches from different countries, being active as an Olympic style target pistol shooter for almost two decades, I have seen a lot of things which may not be recognizable by less experienced athletes. I see a strong tendancy in some countries that take advantage of the technical part of this discipline (looking for a perfect brand or model pistol, the perfect ammunition, the perfect equipment, and the perfect shooting boots and glasses). Other countries are making an attempt in the selection process; they have a huge pool of participants and they are simply investing to select individuals to meet a specific criteria. All of those systems have weak points. I recognized those weaknesses a long time ago and I took advantage of them by establishing the 5S System: Structure, Stragtegy, System, Success, & Support.

Canadian Airgun Grand Prix 2011, Toronto

Canadian Airgun Grand Prix 2011, Toronto

My evidence of success by using this system can be described by the following: I participated in two major events in North America in 2007 (USAS National & Canadian Airgun Grand Prix ).

In both events, I was capable to make the finals. I did not practice as I should have. I can describe the level of my preparation as 30% of the necessary and honest routine. The reason why I used only 30% of my efforts were due to my responsibilities to my family of two children and to my average 55-60 working hours a week. With this tight schedule, you may understand that my practice priority did not take first place. Insead of working harder, I worked smarter. I created a system based on my experience from working with top national athletes from Belarus, Ukraine, and Russia. This system cannot be found in any current printed sources including books, journals, or internet publications. This system is only available by participating in my two day class (eight hours long). I have students who participated with this system from Australia, Great Britain, Canada, and the U.S. All participants are expressing the same statement: “If I was introduced to this system five, ten, or twenty years ago; I would have made the national team with no effort.”

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