Let’s Talk About Injuries Today

Let’s talk about injuries, related and unrelated to your practice and competitive performance. To avoid any kind of injuries, it can be an ideal situation.

Unfortunately, most competitive athletes will face this situation sooner or later and they must be prepared to deal with it. The best way to prepare is to create a supplemental fitness program, related to the most important muscle group involved in this process. I always recommend my students to do yoga (Bikram yoga I do personally), stretching, core exercises, and jogging for at least 30-45 minutes two or three times a week.  I highly recommend to monitor your health by visiting a chiropractor at least once a month. I have a great experience working with doctors of physical therapy  and Bowen therapy practitioners (Australian massage therapy).

Let’s assume regarding all efforts to prevent injuries, an accident happened. What do you do next?

 First, your health is already monitored by medical professionals. It takes less time for them to handle this situation and make you ready for the next competition in a less amount of time. If you do not have doctors to monitor your wellbeing (chiropractor and physician), it is time to meet them.

 Second, since you have an injury, you definitely will stop your current practice routine.

Is it good or bad? I can tell you that it’s not bad as it may seem.

This is the best time to incorporate in your practice routine a mental part in your development. Nowadays, there are many books and information written about mental preparation in target shooting. Everyone should have their own mental game plan and execute it to reach you highest point of their performance.

To learn how to implement the mental part of the game in your competitive performance, you may consider to sign up for an advanced class from Midwest Academy Consulting Group with six months of online support and a free initial evaluation of your performance. Please call, text, or email us with your questions or concerns.

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