“It was a big commitment to travel 8,000 miles (round trip) for 2 days coaching in the USA”

“I’d been pistol shooting for a few years (2-3) and had reached a plateau of about 550 in Air Pistol and 510 in Free Pistol. I’d tried books, forums, friends and although I’d manage small increases at times I was trying to find tips to fix something all the time. In competitions under stress I was dropping as low as 525 in AP and 480 in FP.

It was after having a golf lesson with a new golf coach that I started to realise I needed to approach shooting coaching like golf coaching. I’d paid for a golf lesson and spent 30 minutes of the 1 hour lesson not even hitting the ball. We went back to fundamentals starting with how to hold the club properly. I started looking for coaches for pistol shooting and that’s when I discovered Ruslan on Target Talk. After a few emails it was easy to see that Ruslan was not about giving free tips but about fundementals and a process. 

It was a big commitment to travel 8,000 miles (round trip) for 2 days coaching in the USA. Before I even arrived Ruslan had given me some direction and goals for my Dry Fire and I started to realise that my previous Dry Fire training had been just going through the motions with little focus and insufficient time to build the endurance required. With Ruslan’s guidance with my Dry Fire training I started to make small gains in AP even before the visit. On the plane trip I read “Mastery” by George Leonard and then something clicked. I realised I had become Outcome Obsessed rather then Process Orientated.

 On Day 1 – Ruslan introduced me to Bikram Yoga. Three Bikram Yoga sessions later I started to understand the benefits both physically and mentally. It is a uncomfortable environment and it takes mental fortitude to complete the session. The breathing and balance are also of physical benefit to pistol shooting.

 The commitment to the fundementals and the knowledge behind them is what I most appreciated about the course. Often in Pistol Shooting people will tell you to do certain things but they don’t back it up with why? I’m a person who likes to understand the reasons behind something rather then to blindly follow. I appreciated Ruslan’s obsession with the fundamentals and now understand the realisation that if you can’t shoot 570 in training (low stress optimum conditions) how could you expect to do so in competition. I withdrew from my competitive shooting and have embraced the training of the fundamentals. I now Dry Fire more then I Live Fire and have a greater understanding of the requirements to complete a perfect shot. I am also aware of the dedication and hard work required to shoot at a high level required to make a National Team. I continue to train hard but understand that this is only the start of the Journey to Mastery.

 I had previously wasted 18 months on tips and technical modifications to grips and pistols and only wished I’d visited Ruslan at the start of deciding to concentrate on ISSF pistol shooting.”



Jersey, Channel Islands, United Kingdom.

August 31,2012

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