“One question I have is what are your differences to Training and Practice? What is involved in each?”

“One question I have is what are your differences to Training and Practice? What is involved in each?”

I will not make a big deal of meaning of those words because the meaning will lead to a description of your time invested in your desire to achieve a certain score performance or goal in Olympic style target shooting.

What you do with this time, how you organize it, how you can identify priorities in different areas of your routine, and how you manage your sources (time, mental or physical energy, and money) is more important. Do you have enough knowledge to achieve your goal? For me, in each day, in each hour, and in each shot, I’m trying work on a certain objective.

Very often, I see people doing something at the shooting range and describing those activities as practice or training. The majority of them cannot even name the fundamentals or tell you the meaning of them and what to do to improve them, but they will always be happy to talk with you about the difference between practice and training or subconscious performance in our sport. It is does not matter how I name my time at the shooting range, at home, at a mountain bike trail, or even a yoga center. Practice or training is my purposely invested time toward my goal with the intention to improve my performance in different areas (physical part, mental part, technical part, and the development of a perfect shot routine). Those words have similar meaning to me. I will not ask any of my students this question because each of you made the initial decision to learn the meaning of your activities, but many other people around you did not; they will spend the same amount of time with you on the shooting range, making holes in the target while trying to have a philosophical discussion with you on the meaning those words.


“Every Sunday at 9am on the 25m range it is advertised as ISSF Training. In fact it is nothing more then Centrefire/Sport or Standard Pistol Match. There is no training it is just shoot a match. The scores have not changed in 3 years averaging 520-550. But no one will change so I left them to practice and did my own thing.”  Tony.