How do you recognize which advice you should follow?

One off the biggest challenges after taking my class is to get influenced by the people (some coaches or athletes) with a preconditioned mindset or limit of their current set of knowledge and experience regardless of their involvement in this sport.
How do you recognize which advice you should follow?
I’m providing three months of support after my class to help my new students make the new set of knowledge permanent. I still do not have complete control of the situation; there is always the chance that someone who appears as authority may influence his performance. This is why I’m offering a few further steps in continuing education, such as the advanced level and Master class. All levels are offered with Free evaluation and 3-12 months of my support.

Someday, more people will realize that to travel to the National Championship of any country and spend $1,000 each time while performing the same low score over and over again is a pointless activity. There is only one way to change this sequence; it is to change their initial approach to get what they want.
You cannot wish; you have to do something about it. Some new set of knowledge can be an option.

My goal is simple: 570 in Air Pistol can be a reachable goal for any healthy and motivated individual in a period of time within one year.
570 in AP can secure a position inthe National finals in many countries.
To score 570 in AP for a healthy and motivated individual, they do not need any talent, just a correct set of knowledge, motivation and hard work!

My goal is help you to get this score perfomance level of 570 in Air Pistol Olympic Style  with less amount of problems and shortest way possible.

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