“Cannot dive due to previously undiagnosed medical condition”

“Cannot dive due to previously undiagnosed medical condition”

I came across an interesting observation. Since I became involved in scuba diving since last year, I started to pay more attention to this industry and at the people who share similar activities with me. Since last month, I started to pay attention to which equipment I should buy for my son who indicated some interest in scuba diving.

I also came across some interesting stories; people are willing to sell their equipment that is worth over $2,000.00 for as low as 10% of the initial value that they paid six month earlier.  The motivation besides these decisions is pretty interesting. People make emotional decisions to spend over $2,000.00 on equipment, even when they did not complete the Open Water certification. They did only a few dives in the pool and decided that this activity is not what they are willing to pursue. Some of them discovered previously unknown medical conditions; I do not blame them for this.

How is this not different from our sport where people are purchasing $2,000.00 pistols without even allocating money for education? Can this activity be fun without proper knowledge? Definitely not. My sincere advice for someone who is looking to heavily invest in equipment in Olympic style target shooting, think about education which should be part of your future success and enjoyment.

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