I made two changes in my class in 2007

Shooting-Olympic-Style-Master Class,Troy, MI USA

Shooting-Olympic-Style-Master Class,Troy, MI USA

 I made two changes in my class in 2007:

First, I won silver and gold medals in Canada and made two finals at the USAS National at my first appearance.
Second, I increased the price for my class ($950 current price for the class).

Someone, who is really looking for progress must make a clear decision before he will start working with me, otherwise he will lose his $950 investment. The class is good for the three following months only.

Basically, I have 99% of success with my students, regardless of their age. No one is “trying” in my class!  No one is treating my recommendation as an opinion!

I do not need to have smart discussions or conversations about subjects that are not difficult to understand and be followed by my instructions.