“Perfect Single Shot Development Class” available at Troy, Michigan

 “The Perfect Single Shot Development Class”,  was introduced  in 2005 with my first appearance at” TT” and a following live performance at the 25th Canadian Air gun Grand Prix in 2007 :
and the
2007 USAS National.


Everyone who took the class understands the difference of the process behind the term “Dry Fire”.  The problem is located at a deeper level of understanding of what you know about this process and more importantly, is what you do not know. To help you understand what you are doing in an incorrect order, you have to consult with professionals who can assess your current performance and can help you bring your knowledge level to the status of your goal performance. Do you have a goal in your development or are you just making holes in a paper?

“Perfect Single Shot Development Class” available at Troy, Michigan for competitive Olympic style pistol athletes.

What you really need is interpretation.

Sign up today for you First steps class in Olympic pistol

Sign up today for you First steps class in Olympic pistol

Internet is data only.

Many people are trying to search on the Internet for the important questions regarding their problems that relate to their own Olympic style target shooting performance. Years are spent, but not much progress is developed in terms of score elevation. Yes, those people became more articulate and knowledgeable about other aspects in target shooting and can talk a lot about those subjects, but their own issues are still unsolved at the same time.

Why, do you wonder? Is there something wrong with the Internet?

Not necessarily. What is happening in reality is the process of a missed link (connection) between the data (raw information from the internet) and your personality. You need someone knowledgeable of this subject to help you to match your real needs to the correct source of information which can fit you your personal needs and to your individuality.

What you really need is interpretation. Many people are involved talking  on Public forums (TT for an example) while others use this forum to find reputable source of information and feedback of actual training and classes related to their actual needs such as Olympic basic level class, Competitive performance seminars, or Advanced level of Competitive performance education. Their progress can actually be measurable and successful.

You can see only what your brain programmed to see, you cannot really learn if you are not fully committed to make an effort and sacrifice your luxury by breaking into your current comfort zone.

Learn from the bests!

Keep your mind open!

Choose wisely! You will be rewarded from your correct decision process!

Sign up today for your Olympic style basic target pistol 101 training with  FREE 30 minutes initial consultation.   


Get ready for the New ISSF rule changes in 2013!

Sign up today for you First steps class in Olympic pistol

Sign up today for you First steps class in Olympic pistol

Get ready for the New ISSF rule changes in 2013.

I hope you read the book of Olympic Champion, Abhinav Bindra, “A Shot at History”, and became aware about what it takes to become successful in the field of Olympic style target shooting in pistol or rifle; it really does not matter. What does matter is that he stated the most important parts of his development, which are investment in education, fitness and many hours of hard work, not only in modifications of his equipment and tool (rifle).  He spent a lot time working with different coaches, psychologists in different parts of the world (Germany, USA, India,). This  education was sharpened his skills and knowledge. You might not have the same financial sources and time as he has, but you definitely have a pretty similar desire to achieve some progress down the way of your years with time and money invested in your favorite sport. It is time to become real; the rules of the game is about to change. The time of the game is getting tight, I mean really short.  Education is the key. Would you like to know what is missing in your performance and how to improve your game plan?  Sign for a 30 minutes FREE initial consultation and I promise your performance will not be the same low or unpredictable score as it was before.

Embrace the change! Change is the part of the progress, part of the evolution, part of the new you and your new way to perform in a more efficient and confident way.

The game is on! There are no more places on the fence. The choice is simple: you are “ In” or “OUT”.

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You can compare, what we done gentlemen

Sign up today for you First steps class in Olympic pistol

Sign up today for you First steps class in Olympic pistol

From Abhinav Bindra’s book, “A Shot at History,” 

“When I returned from Wiesbaden after one month, I was shooting 570. Ten-point improvement.  It was fast, it was huge…..”

“I started going regularly to Wiesbaden, often twice a year…. For a few weeks at a time

You can compare what we have done gentlemen. In two days, eight hours, without even going to the shooting range, (Paul & Jack) our progress went up 20 conservative points.

Should I change something? 😉

Do you need more facts?

Personal Best Score Reported from Australia Competition Gold Coast, 9 Jun 2012


Next two classes will be available in November 10 & 11, November 17 & 18 at Troy, Michigan USA.

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What is our stress level in comparisons with SCUBA divers?

Sign up today for you First steps class in Olympic pistol

Sign up today for you First steps class in Olympic pistol

What is our stress level in comparisons with divers constantly changing

I found this article is quite interesting regarding of fear of changes and
psychological aspects of mind and body.
“Fear is not always a bad thing. It can be a positive
emotion, promoting survival by leading us to cope with anticipated danger. Fear
prevents us from exposing ourselves to undue hazards and prepares us to deal
with surprise situations.”

“The Personal Limits of Fear.”
Mind and Body
By Robert N. Rossier

New ISSF rules changes in 2013.

New ISSF rules change in 2013.

It brings more challenges for participants and it will make this sport more exciting to watch.

Get yourself properly fit to the new challenge. Look to your weaknesses and create a plan to overcome them. Education will become a big part of it. Cut your “tea breaks”. Invest time into a fitness program to develop your stamina and work hard all 75 minutes AP and 90 minutes in Free (50 meter) pistol program.

“ISSF rule change from 1st January 2013” Is it good or bad news?

ISSF rule change from 1st January 2013 Is it good or bad news?

For someone who took already “The Perfect single shot development class” it will not make any difference. 🙂

For someone who did not take yet “The Perfect single shot development class” it will  make  more stress and more initially invested money will goes to the toilet. 😦

Only the Outcome of the Perfect Process.

Today I received a book, A Shot at History, about Abhinav Bindra’s journey to his Olympic gold medal. I accidently opened to the pages with pictures and the first sentence I read was, “I am just happy with the quality of my shooting” when he was describing the job he had done to his coach in the Olympic rifle final. All success stories will have similar values. It’s important to see those values and pay real attention for parts which are hidden from the first glimpse. Beyond the score, there are other senses of satisfaction of performance, not only related and described with scores. As Abhinav Bindra described his personal feelings after the performance of 600 out of 600 and not personally being satisfied, you may start to notice that the score is only the outcome of the perfect process.


Please check your E-mail box for more detailed info.

About this little something, what was hidden beyond scores we will talk during the next class in Troy, Michigan.

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What you Brought to this Level?

 What you brought to this level?

First, you have to see yourself perform at this level. Second, you have to rewrite your goal statement. Third, you have to reassess your current performance.  Fourth,  you have to make  a strong plan to achieve your goal. Fifth, you must execute your plan every day.

It is a great pleasure to work with you gentlemen and see how a few people can change things and make them shine! You have to believe in yourself.  Do not have the common way of thinking distract your attention to reach your goal in the most effective way in a less amount time and less amount of trouble!

The Chance to Succeed Will be Granted to Only One Person

During the last few months, you and other members were exposed to open communication with successful development of all our group members. I understand it is a very short period of time for you to perform at the highest possible score level, but you must see yourself and your performance before initial training, during your preparation period, and after the competition. You must understand that every member on the firing line will experience stress, including you. The chance to succeed will be granted to only one person who has the best preparation, strategy, stress control technique, desire to fight, and enough physical endurance. I think you have all of those qualities. You made it possible to learn a new system and methods to control stress. You have enough time before your next match to become completely ready for your best performance. Have yourself engage in the process ; this is the one way to perform your best!