“ISSF rule change from 1st January 2013” Is it good or bad news?

ISSF rule change from 1st January 2013 Is it good or bad news?

For someone who took already “The Perfect single shot development class” it will not make any difference. 🙂

For someone who did not take yet “The Perfect single shot development class” it will  make  more stress and more initially invested money will goes to the toilet. 😦

Only the Outcome of the Perfect Process.

Today I received a book, A Shot at History, about Abhinav Bindra’s journey to his Olympic gold medal. I accidently opened to the pages with pictures and the first sentence I read was, “I am just happy with the quality of my shooting” when he was describing the job he had done to his coach in the Olympic rifle final. All success stories will have similar values. It’s important to see those values and pay real attention for parts which are hidden from the first glimpse. Beyond the score, there are other senses of satisfaction of performance, not only related and described with scores. As Abhinav Bindra described his personal feelings after the performance of 600 out of 600 and not personally being satisfied, you may start to notice that the score is only the outcome of the perfect process.


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About this little something, what was hidden beyond scores we will talk during the next class in Troy, Michigan.

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