Get ready for the New ISSF rule changes in 2013!

Sign up today for you First steps class in Olympic pistol

Sign up today for you First steps class in Olympic pistol

Get ready for the New ISSF rule changes in 2013.

I hope you read the book of Olympic Champion, Abhinav Bindra, “A Shot at History”, and became aware about what it takes to become successful in the field of Olympic style target shooting in pistol or rifle; it really does not matter. What does matter is that he stated the most important parts of his development, which are investment in education, fitness and many hours of hard work, not only in modifications of his equipment and tool (rifle).  He spent a lot time working with different coaches, psychologists in different parts of the world (Germany, USA, India,). This  education was sharpened his skills and knowledge. You might not have the same financial sources and time as he has, but you definitely have a pretty similar desire to achieve some progress down the way of your years with time and money invested in your favorite sport. It is time to become real; the rules of the game is about to change. The time of the game is getting tight, I mean really short.  Education is the key. Would you like to know what is missing in your performance and how to improve your game plan?  Sign for a 30 minutes FREE initial consultation and I promise your performance will not be the same low or unpredictable score as it was before.

Embrace the change! Change is the part of the progress, part of the evolution, part of the new you and your new way to perform in a more efficient and confident way.

The game is on! There are no more places on the fence. The choice is simple: you are “ In” or “OUT”.

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