“Perfect Single Shot Development Class” available at Troy, Michigan

 “The Perfect Single Shot Development Class”,  was introduced  in 2005 with my first appearance at” TT” and a following live performance at the 25th Canadian Air gun Grand Prix in 2007 :
and the
2007 USAS National.


Everyone who took the class understands the difference of the process behind the term “Dry Fire”.  The problem is located at a deeper level of understanding of what you know about this process and more importantly, is what you do not know. To help you understand what you are doing in an incorrect order, you have to consult with professionals who can assess your current performance and can help you bring your knowledge level to the status of your goal performance. Do you have a goal in your development or are you just making holes in a paper?

“Perfect Single Shot Development Class” available at Troy, Michigan for competitive Olympic style pistol athletes.