SCUBA DIVING October 28, 2012, Troy, Michigan

SCUBA DIVING October 28, 2012, Troy, Michigan

SCUBA DIVING October 28, 2012, Troy, Michigan

Out of live practice for over six months…

Today I received an e-mail from one of my students with his confession that he was out of live practice for over six months due to a busy working schedule and family obligations, but he was able to score his personal best performance during the first match.

Moreover when I checked his targets I did not find a single mistake related to the trigger squeeze execution. It is an important lesson to everyone who still undervalues the dry fire process!

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"Perfect Single Shot Development Class. Troy", MI USA

“Perfect Single Shot Development Class. Troy”, MI USA

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Elevation in score performance up to 20 points in three month is a real thing from the level 530-540 in Air Pistol!

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References are available by request.

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Value of the Perfect Single Shot Fundamentals Development Class

At the Midwest Academy of Target Shooting, we do not sell any pistols. Our product is “Knowledge!” Many amateur, recreational, and even competitive level shooters are misled to believe that the key to their success lies in obtaining the most advanced (read “expensive”) equipment on the market. They expect their performance to increase proportionately with the amount of money they spend on “stuff.”We would like to address this claim by presenting a simple demonstration, which should illustrate that this belief is not entirely true. Please observe below:

Same Athlete, Different Air Pistols

Click on image to enlarge
IZH-46M, bought for $270. First practice after cleaning, oiling, trigger weight adjustment by ISSF rules, with special modifications by MATS.

Click on image to enlarge
One of the top-priced compressed Air Pistols on the market + Air Pump = $1,600 combined price.
Price Difference? $1,330
Score? Evidently, not a very significant divergence in score is visible on the targets.

So now that we know what the Real key to improved performace is NOT, it is worth considering what it in fact IS. Yes, it is true that the newest, state of the art, high quality equipment will help you gain an edge, or at least compete at the same level plane with the world’s top pistol shooters. However, this factor is not very significant for beginning or intermediate athletes. The only time when these factors come into play is at advanced world-level competition. Before reaching this level, however, an aspiring Olympic Style Pistol shooter must put in the time and effort to do what is necessary to get in the right state of mind, with the right skills and knowledge to compete at an international level. Before SPENDING money on expensive guns and accessories, all shooters would be well-advised to first INVEST some time and thought into obtaining a better fundamental understanding of the PERFECT SHOT, the basic foundation of a consistently successful performance.

There is one important fact that all ambitious and goal-oriented pistol shooters must realize. In this business you cannot BUY results, you must work on obtaining the skills and knowledge to EARN and ACHIEVE them. For this reason, at Midwest Academy of Target Shooting, we look at every individual client and examine his current performance, revealing precise problems in his technique. Since everyone has a different set of problems, we do not just give you a set of rules and hand you a certificate. We explain exactly where your shortcomings are and work with you to fix problems, increase knowledge, and improve results on an individualized person to person basis.

If you are stuck at a certain level and you don’t know why, you should seriously consider what you have been doing to try to improve your performance and whether it is congruent with what you have learned here. It doesn’t matter if it’s 420, 480, or 560. Until you can make a solid 600 in a competitive situation, there is always room for improvement.

If you believe that you do not yet have the necessary fundamental knowledge to achieve the goals you have set for yourself and become successful in this sport, it is best to get it now, before promotional price equals market value.

If you would like to stop wasting time and money aimlessly and get the right skills to begin practicing effectively and purposefully, the perfect place to start is:

Perfect Single Shot Fundamentals Development
Introductory Course in Olympic Style Target Pistol Shooting
By Midwest Academy of Pistol Shooting

…And see the results you deserve!

If you are interested in competing at and representing your country at international tournaments, feel free to learn about our
High Intermediate and Master Level Courses as well!

Learn why Olympic Target Shooting is a great opportunity in the USA.

Reality check.Competitive Olympic pistol vs. Recreational Olympic pistol. (Part Six)

Today I would like to briefly talk about mental training in Olympic Style Pistol (ISSF).

It is not a secret that 90% of Olympic style target shooting is related to Psychology at a certain level. Yes, it is true statement. Also, it is true that the game of psychology will not eliminate problems developed in fundamentals over the previous years of repetition and development of unhealthy habits as we speak. So, what do we do in order to improve my performance? Will the mental game make all my mistakes disappear? I don’t think so.

Most and foremost, you have to identify weak points in your performance (practice routine). We do this in “Perfect shot development class with initial evaluation”and spend enough time to develop and replace old technical problems with correct ones. I can only say this is not always a pleasant part of practice. You do not need to be talented or special to do so, but you must be patient, goal oriented, self motivated and healthy enough to accomplish this task. Estimated time frame of this development is based on the human psychology; it is between 30 to 90 days in most cases, if you will follow exact instructions. If not, time of this development will deviate dramatically.

The next point of attention is how long that knowledge and skills will stay with me. It will stay with you forever such as the skills to ride a bicycle. The only problem is we have to bring those skills to a level of perfection and it takes a lot of “fine tuning”. You can do it by yourself or you can use assistance of your mentor, consultant or knowledgeable coach with enough experience under his or her belt. This will be psychological or mental part and in most cases, it will starts at the level of AP 565 which is not hard to achieve if Mr. J.R.  did in a two and a half months after my two days of initial sessions with him.

Be Well, Live happy, keep your mind open and practice with knowledge!

572 AP in Two and a Half Months

Posted at November 5, 2011

Reality check.Competitive Olympic pistol vs. Recreational Olympic pistol. (Part Five)

Reality check.Competitive Olympic pistol vs. Recreational Olympic pistol. (Part Five)

Be Well, Live happy, keep your mind open and practice with knowledge!

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Reality check.Competitive Olympic pistol vs. Recreational Olympic pistol. (Part Four)

Reality check. Competitive Olympic pistol vs. Recreational Olympic pistol. (Part Four)

When you start reading a medical dictionary, you will probably recognize that you have some more health issues that of you were initially not aware. I personally know a few people who “keep discovering” some issues   in their health and trying to convince doctors to cure those imaginary issues. Doctors use pure data, education and experience to make conclusions about real problem and real issues. Moreover, if a patient starts strongly believing that he or she has this particular issue sooner or later, she or he will find the doctor who will be happy to take their money and cure this imaginary issue.

Very often, we see a similar picture on public forums when inexperienced recreational shooter comes up with certain conclusion to treat some issue in their performance without a complete analysis of their performance. Distance help over the internet sometimes can be valuable, but in most cases, it is creating a false sense of security by avoiding necessary steps and efforts to develop a strong foundation of future successful performance by making an initial evaluation of performance by knowledgeable professionals who are experienced in this particular subject, such as Olympic pistol or Olympic rifle.  

A positive attitude and the desire to share are nice human qualities. What if that inexperienced advice will lead to years of stagnation? What if that advice is made from false or incomplete data?  Should we blame the inexperienced shooter that they honestly believe that they have this only one problem because he read about it somewhere or a club member told him so?  What is the value of this positive attitude and helpfulness?

If we will continue this practice, we will lose a lot of talented individuals who can perform successfully from the beginning of their career. Many shooters were told that a score 565 or 570 in Air pistol takes many years.  Reality is different; I saw numerous cases when mature, financially independent and healthy individuals from ages between 20 to 65 were capable to get to this level during one year. Initial consultation is a crucial moment of your performance. Do not do it over the Internet, do not make your own assumptions. Consult with professionals! It will save your dream, years of creating unhealthy habits and money saved by chasing perfect equipment because you are expecting positive attitude and FREE advice from unknown fellas over the Internet.

Be Well, Live happy, keep your mind open and practice with knowledge!

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Competitive Olympic pistol vs. Recreational Olympic pistol. (Part Three)

Your time is running out.

Your time is running out.

Your time is running out. Soon you will be out of options (ISSF rules change from 1st January 2013).

Option one: Take necessary steps toward education of your favorite activities (Olympic Pistol).

Basic Olympic Pistol Class, Advance Olympic pistol Class, Master class in Olympic pistol are available by your request from Midwest Academy Consulting Group. Troy, MI USA.

Option two: Sell your highly priced equipment or use it as a wall hanger (nice conversation starter $2,000.00 a piece).

“There are no shortcuts to victory.”- Richard Lugar

                                                                                                  “There are no shortcuts to victory.”– Richard Lugar

Были ли у вас в молодости грандиозные планы, великие мечты – писать книги или картины, начать собственное дело или заняться другой творческой деятельностью? У большинства из нас наверняка были.

А если быть совершенно честными перед самими собой, большинство из нас лелеет эти мечты и по сей день, но оправдывает свою бездеятельность тем, что приходится выполнять другие обязательства.

“Я был бы счастлив написать роман, но мне нужно заниматься своей работой”. “Я был бы счастлив написать картину, но у меня плохое зрение”. Мы придумываем в свое оправдание совершенно пустые отговорки.

Задумайтесь на минутку о Юлии Цезаре. Знаете ли вы, что Цезарь писал свои комментарии ночью в палатке, когда все римское войско спало, а на следующее утро вел своих солдат в сражение?

Знаете ли вы, что Гендель написал свои лучшие музыкальные произведения после того, как врачи сказали ему, что он неизлечимо болен; что Бетховен писал музыку и после того, как совершенно оглох? Задумывались ли вы над тем, что трое великих поэтов – Гомер, Мильтон и Данте – были слепыми?

Вспомните о Ганнибале и лорде Нельсоне: они были великими полководцами, имея лишь по одному глазу. Френсис Джозеф Кемпбелл, слепой на оба глаза, стал выдающимся математиком и музыкантом.

Не считайте себя чем-либо связанными и не говорите себе: “О, нет, только не с моими возможностями. Я никогда не смогу сделать то, что хочу”.

Подумайте о Даниеле Дефо, авторе “Робинзона Крузо”: он создал свою книгу, находясь в тюрьме. Джон Баньян написал “Путь пилигрима” за решеткой. Лютер перевел Библию, сидя в заключении в Вартбургском замке. Данте двадцать лет трудился в изгнании, а “Дон-Кихот” был написан Сервантесом в мадридской тюрьме.

Возможно, вы скажете: “Все это замечательно, но мне нужно работать”. Ну что ж, друг мой, тогда у меня есть для вас новости. Вы представляете себе толщину романа “Унесенные ветром”? Маргарет Митчелл написала его, работая в газете полный день.

Вы чувствуете, что поставлены в проигрышное положение из-за физических недостатков? А знаете ли вы, что у лорда Кэвэно, члена парламента, не было ни рук, ни ног и тем не менее он добирался до парламента самостоятельно?

Подумайте о Шекспире, который в школе выучился едва ли чему-либо большему, чем чтение и письмо, но продолжал учиться самостоятельно и сделался великим литератором.

Подумайте еще раз о заветных желаниях, хранящихся в вашей душе. Взвесьте снова аргументы, придуманные вами в оправдание невозможности исполнения вашей мечты.

Поймите, что эти оправдания в действительности являются фальшивыми. Отбросьте их в сторону и настройтесь на то, что ваши желания исполнимы и воплощение их находится в ваших руках.

Помните: вы – единственный, кто удерживает вас на месте. “

                                                                                                                                                                                  Энтони Роббинс

Competitive Olympic pistol vs. Recreational Olympic pistol. (Part Two)

Goal Setting in Competitive Olympic Pistol

Goal Setting in Competitive Olympic Pistol

Competitive Olympic pistol vs. Recreational Olympic pistol. (Part Two)

“To improve is to change; to be perfect is to change often.”
                                                            Winston Churchill
The most important attribute of Competitive Olympic pistol development is goal setting. Without a clear understanding of the future development and goal established in terms of (SMART) your time invested in the training, it cannot be effective. What is the main attributes of goal setting?  The abbreviation of “SMART Goal” is.
1. Specifically clear to understand and develop,
2. Measurable in scores,
3. Achievable based on age, physical abilities and initial level of performance,
4. Result oriented with progress that can be measured by scores, and (Practice scores and competitive performance scores.)
5. Time-bound set in a time frame, where specific dates of competitions are set as main priorities.

If you practice Recreational Olympic pistol, you definitely will not need such kind of boundaries which can definitely affect your fun part. 🙂

In order to establish a starting point of your measurement, you have to evaluate your initial level of performance and clear understanding of all important elements of your performance, such as the fundamentals of performance. At this point, I see many deviations in understanding and implementation, which may drastically delay a possible outcome of an initially established, correct order routine. The relearning process will take time and additional efforts for an inexperienced athlete.

The next step is reevaluating an initial level of performance and starting to work toward a new competitive routine. A new goal must be stated and discussed with your coach, mentor or consultant. This process can be repeated as many times as your imagination is capable to reach limits related to your age, fitness routine, health conditions and common sense.

Your goal must be written and stated to your coach and relatives who are providing support to your efforts. Your goal can be short term (Tactical) and long term (Strategic).

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