Something unexpected happened today!

"Perfect Single Shot Development Class", Troy, MI. September 2012

“Perfect Single Shot Development Class”, Troy, MI. September 2012

Something unexpected happened today during a training session with my international student Roy.

Roy came to our scheduled two day session from Sweden. In the first day, I presented the topic of “Perfect Single Shot Development”

"Perfect Single Shot Development Class", Troy, MI. September 2012

“Perfect Single Shot Development Class”, Troy, MI. September 2012

material in traditional manner. We went to the shooting range to practice with a Standard Pistol at local shooting range at Pontiac Lake, Waterford MI. It was a routine check for me to evaluate his performance and provide instruction for the next three months for the following training. Ray expressed that he is extremely happy with the new information and he will be able to do better at the shooting range in comparison with his usual performance. I thought that is only related to some initial excitement of the new information. During the second day, we began from 10:00 AM in the morning at the same shooting range. I made the decision to implement one of the drills of my advanced class. Initially, Roy was surprised to hear about any drills related to Olympic pistol and I decided to evolve a specific one to give him a test of advanced training. He was shocked initially and told me that he is not ready for advanced training. I repeated the new task for him and start watching all his steps. By the end of the first hour, he managed to score 93 potential points from his current average of 86 and tighten his group of shots as 1/3 of his performance on the first day. Honestly, I still cannot believe what happened today. By the end of the third hour he started to call the correct directions of the shots of “10s”. I expected to see such drastic changes no earlier than the next 3 months. As a coach, I should not be surprised. Honestly, I just cannot believe what I saw. He set a new standard of performance today! I cannot say any longer that you have to wait from two to three months when changes will take place.You can expect changes as early as the next morning! Great job Roy! I hope you will share your experience with our group soon.

Thank you ALL!

It was real pleasure to work with all of you guys!

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