Get yourself uncomfortamle with your current score performance and sign up for education

Sometimes, I hear complains about the price of “Perfect Single Shot Development Class” and associated expenses related to travel, hotel and food.
Let me clarify something. At the moment, when you make decision to change your current performance you have to break your current pattern of behavior. You cannot buy points any longer; you have to start working toward the new pattern of performance. In most cases during the initial evaluation of the current performance, I see from three to five points of my attention and your new level of awareness. It takes time to make those changes permanent. In most cases, it takes time from 30 to 90 days. It is important to stay connected to the source of this information (your coach, mentor or consultant). Sometimes, you may notice that something is not correct and your common way to solve those issues is ask questions on the  Internet. For recreational shooter, it is right way to do, but for competitive athletes; it is a slippery road for future disaster.
Since you made the decision to come to my class, you will face multiple points of changes as I mentioned before. It is not only a matter of time, it is also is a matter of changing your habits in your daily routine. It can definitely be described as an inconvenience and invasion on your comfort zone. Only one thing will become a constant if you will not take responsibility of this decision, your performance will never see any changes.
I started this discussion from a price point of view.

Price is an important part of my class! You must be ready and learn how to sacrifice something from the beginning, not after my class. You have to make a budget for this trip; I know it is inconvenient for you at this point. I have to be sure that you will overcome other inconvenienses of your current performance in a successful way as well as those temporary financial difficulties.
You learned how to make money your whole previous life; this society measures your performance by paying your salary or hourly rate. If you need improvements in this area, you will take educational steps and you will be rewarded by your efforts. Maybe there are other ways around, but this is the most common way to do successful things in your life.
Get yourself uncomfortable with something what you currently have, get some changes in your lifestyle by taking classes and paying for them, get yourself involved in those changes (force yourself to learn new things) and you will be rewarded in the end.
The same applies in Competitive Olympic Style Target Shooting. Get yourself uncomfortamle with your current score performance and sign up for education.

Perfect Single Shot Development Class 101. November 2012

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