Competitive Olympic pistol vs. Recreational Olympic pistol. (Part One)

Competitive Olympic pistol vs. Recreational Olympic pistol. (Part One)

“You have to learn the rules of the game. And then you have to play better than anyone else.”

                                                                                                                                                                     Albert Einstein

1993 in Israel at National Olympic Target Shooting Center in Herzliya.

1993 in Israel at National Olympic Target Shooting Center in Herzliya.

Let me define some terms.

This picture was taken in 1993 in Israel at the National Olympic center in Herzliya. I scored 580 in AP at this event.

At the time when I started to practice Olympic pistol shooting in Eastern Europe in the late 1970s, the only option available was competitive Olympic pistol shooting because other options were Recreational Olympic pistol, collecting Olympic pistols , or either hunting with pistols that simply did not exist. You could not even own air pistols in those days. If you were over a certain age, let us say 16 or 18, you would be considered not perspective material for coaches. There were not too many options available in Olympic Pistol shooting besides Olympic competitive pistol with the main goal to participate and win competitions. Competitive Olympic pistol has certain rules in former USSR: if you are not performing well enough on competitions and not producing progress, very soon you will be out of options to practice as well. As many probably understand, practice as itself will not produce high scores. You have to know something special that will save some time and effort toward your desired level of performance. How do you obtain that knowledge? This is one important question.

The second question is: what is the main distinction of an Olympic style pistol competitive athlete and a recreational shooter with a Olympic style pistol? Who is making the decisions and separation from one to another? The answer is YOU are. When other options become available such as practice in Olympic pistol shooting and recreational shooting with no obligations to compete and win competitions, You become in charge of important considerations such as what Olympic pistol ammo and equipment to buy, how to conduct your training (recreationally as a fun time )or competitively (with coaching and consulting service available to you). You are making decisions and plan your budget toward purchasing and servicing your equipment, scheduling continuing education seminars and clinics, participating at Olympic style competitions at local, national and international levels. Some ask me about where the fun part is missing in my contest. Not really. If your plan is done strategically correct, you will have much more fun than any recreational Olympic shooter! How?

Competitive performance will start from the level AP 565 and FP 535 and a knowledgeable Olympic Style pistol Consultant or coach can design a specific approach for you to get to this level in the most effective manner with a less amount of time, less amount of money, and less amount of trouble.

In controversy, recreational Shooter with Olympic style pistols believe that they can possibly learn from the Internet, from other club shooters and reading some books about all the necessary knowledge to get to this level alone. Reality becomes quite different. For example: “They were told to learn from competing a lot.” It is interesting and an extremely costly suggestion because creation of memory of losing competition and negative psychological effect of unsuccessful performance very likely will follow with this approach for a long period of time and you have to keep in mind that each event will come with an amount of $500 to $1,000.00 of expenses spent on travel alone.

My suggestion is if you think that in the nearest future you will be interested to compete in Olympic style pistol events, you have to separate yourself from a recreational style state of mind and start to look forward toward education with a knowledgeable Olympic style consultant or coach.

It will bring to your Olympic style competitive performance more joy and will make your successful performance real fun!

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