Competitive Olympic pistol vs. Recreational Olympic pistol. (Part Two)

Goal Setting in Competitive Olympic Pistol

Goal Setting in Competitive Olympic Pistol

Competitive Olympic pistol vs. Recreational Olympic pistol. (Part Two)

“To improve is to change; to be perfect is to change often.”
                                                            Winston Churchill
The most important attribute of Competitive Olympic pistol development is goal setting. Without a clear understanding of the future development and goal established in terms of (SMART) your time invested in the training, it cannot be effective. What is the main attributes of goal setting?  The abbreviation of “SMART Goal” is.
1. Specifically clear to understand and develop,
2. Measurable in scores,
3. Achievable based on age, physical abilities and initial level of performance,
4. Result oriented with progress that can be measured by scores, and (Practice scores and competitive performance scores.)
5. Time-bound set in a time frame, where specific dates of competitions are set as main priorities.

If you practice Recreational Olympic pistol, you definitely will not need such kind of boundaries which can definitely affect your fun part. 🙂

In order to establish a starting point of your measurement, you have to evaluate your initial level of performance and clear understanding of all important elements of your performance, such as the fundamentals of performance. At this point, I see many deviations in understanding and implementation, which may drastically delay a possible outcome of an initially established, correct order routine. The relearning process will take time and additional efforts for an inexperienced athlete.

The next step is reevaluating an initial level of performance and starting to work toward a new competitive routine. A new goal must be stated and discussed with your coach, mentor or consultant. This process can be repeated as many times as your imagination is capable to reach limits related to your age, fitness routine, health conditions and common sense.

Your goal must be written and stated to your coach and relatives who are providing support to your efforts. Your goal can be short term (Tactical) and long term (Strategic).

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