Reality check.Competitive Olympic pistol vs. Recreational Olympic pistol. (Part Four)

Reality check. Competitive Olympic pistol vs. Recreational Olympic pistol. (Part Four)

When you start reading a medical dictionary, you will probably recognize that you have some more health issues that of you were initially not aware. I personally know a few people who “keep discovering” some issues   in their health and trying to convince doctors to cure those imaginary issues. Doctors use pure data, education and experience to make conclusions about real problem and real issues. Moreover, if a patient starts strongly believing that he or she has this particular issue sooner or later, she or he will find the doctor who will be happy to take their money and cure this imaginary issue.

Very often, we see a similar picture on public forums when inexperienced recreational shooter comes up with certain conclusion to treat some issue in their performance without a complete analysis of their performance. Distance help over the internet sometimes can be valuable, but in most cases, it is creating a false sense of security by avoiding necessary steps and efforts to develop a strong foundation of future successful performance by making an initial evaluation of performance by knowledgeable professionals who are experienced in this particular subject, such as Olympic pistol or Olympic rifle.  

A positive attitude and the desire to share are nice human qualities. What if that inexperienced advice will lead to years of stagnation? What if that advice is made from false or incomplete data?  Should we blame the inexperienced shooter that they honestly believe that they have this only one problem because he read about it somewhere or a club member told him so?  What is the value of this positive attitude and helpfulness?

If we will continue this practice, we will lose a lot of talented individuals who can perform successfully from the beginning of their career. Many shooters were told that a score 565 or 570 in Air pistol takes many years.  Reality is different; I saw numerous cases when mature, financially independent and healthy individuals from ages between 20 to 65 were capable to get to this level during one year. Initial consultation is a crucial moment of your performance. Do not do it over the Internet, do not make your own assumptions. Consult with professionals! It will save your dream, years of creating unhealthy habits and money saved by chasing perfect equipment because you are expecting positive attitude and FREE advice from unknown fellas over the Internet.

Be Well, Live happy, keep your mind open and practice with knowledge!

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