Reality check.Competitive Olympic pistol vs. Recreational Olympic pistol. (Part Six)

Today I would like to briefly talk about mental training in Olympic Style Pistol (ISSF).

It is not a secret that 90% of Olympic style target shooting is related to Psychology at a certain level. Yes, it is true statement. Also, it is true that the game of psychology will not eliminate problems developed in fundamentals over the previous years of repetition and development of unhealthy habits as we speak. So, what do we do in order to improve my performance? Will the mental game make all my mistakes disappear? I don’t think so.

Most and foremost, you have to identify weak points in your performance (practice routine). We do this in “Perfect shot development class with initial evaluation”and spend enough time to develop and replace old technical problems with correct ones. I can only say this is not always a pleasant part of practice. You do not need to be talented or special to do so, but you must be patient, goal oriented, self motivated and healthy enough to accomplish this task. Estimated time frame of this development is based on the human psychology; it is between 30 to 90 days in most cases, if you will follow exact instructions. If not, time of this development will deviate dramatically.

The next point of attention is how long that knowledge and skills will stay with me. It will stay with you forever such as the skills to ride a bicycle. The only problem is we have to bring those skills to a level of perfection and it takes a lot of “fine tuning”. You can do it by yourself or you can use assistance of your mentor, consultant or knowledgeable coach with enough experience under his or her belt. This will be psychological or mental part and in most cases, it will starts at the level of AP 565 which is not hard to achieve if Mr. J.R.  did in a two and a half months after my two days of initial sessions with him.

Be Well, Live happy, keep your mind open and practice with knowledge!

572 AP in Two and a Half Months

Posted at November 5, 2011