Competitive Olympic pistol vs. Recreational Olympic pistol. (Part One)

Competitive Olympic pistol vs. Recreational Olympic pistol. (Part One)

“You have to learn the rules of the game. And then you have to play better than anyone else.”

                                                                                                                                                                     Albert Einstein

1993 in Israel at National Olympic Target Shooting Center in Herzliya.

1993 in Israel at National Olympic Target Shooting Center in Herzliya.

Let me define some terms.

This picture was taken in 1993 in Israel at the National Olympic center in Herzliya. I scored 580 in AP at this event.

At the time when I started to practice Olympic pistol shooting in Eastern Europe in the late 1970s, the only option available was competitive Olympic pistol shooting because other options were Recreational Olympic pistol, collecting Olympic pistols , or either hunting with pistols that simply did not exist. You could not even own air pistols in those days. If you were over a certain age, let us say 16 or 18, you would be considered not perspective material for coaches. There were not too many options available in Olympic Pistol shooting besides Olympic competitive pistol with the main goal to participate and win competitions. Competitive Olympic pistol has certain rules in former USSR: if you are not performing well enough on competitions and not producing progress, very soon you will be out of options to practice as well. As many probably understand, practice as itself will not produce high scores. You have to know something special that will save some time and effort toward your desired level of performance. How do you obtain that knowledge? This is one important question.

The second question is: what is the main distinction of an Olympic style pistol competitive athlete and a recreational shooter with a Olympic style pistol? Who is making the decisions and separation from one to another? The answer is YOU are. When other options become available such as practice in Olympic pistol shooting and recreational shooting with no obligations to compete and win competitions, You become in charge of important considerations such as what Olympic pistol ammo and equipment to buy, how to conduct your training (recreationally as a fun time )or competitively (with coaching and consulting service available to you). You are making decisions and plan your budget toward purchasing and servicing your equipment, scheduling continuing education seminars and clinics, participating at Olympic style competitions at local, national and international levels. Some ask me about where the fun part is missing in my contest. Not really. If your plan is done strategically correct, you will have much more fun than any recreational Olympic shooter! How?

Competitive performance will start from the level AP 565 and FP 535 and a knowledgeable Olympic Style pistol Consultant or coach can design a specific approach for you to get to this level in the most effective manner with a less amount of time, less amount of money, and less amount of trouble.

In controversy, recreational Shooter with Olympic style pistols believe that they can possibly learn from the Internet, from other club shooters and reading some books about all the necessary knowledge to get to this level alone. Reality becomes quite different. For example: “They were told to learn from competing a lot.” It is interesting and an extremely costly suggestion because creation of memory of losing competition and negative psychological effect of unsuccessful performance very likely will follow with this approach for a long period of time and you have to keep in mind that each event will come with an amount of $500 to $1,000.00 of expenses spent on travel alone.

My suggestion is if you think that in the nearest future you will be interested to compete in Olympic style pistol events, you have to separate yourself from a recreational style state of mind and start to look forward toward education with a knowledgeable Olympic style consultant or coach.

It will bring to your Olympic style competitive performance more joy and will make your successful performance real fun!

There are will be NO “bad days” anymore!

There are will be NO “bad days” anymore!

The cause of great performance was attention paid to all  fundamentals. If something goes wrong, it is means you are losing control of one or two fundamentals, sometimes three.

If your shots are all over the target, it is means you are expecting great performance only by learning about the “new set of knowledge” without understanding that real practice must start outside your shooting range, mostly at home (Dry fire – repetition of your perfect single shot with attention given to your current issues). It is takes time and deliberate conscious efforts of you patience during the Dry fire process in order to replace your old habits.

There are will be NO “bad days” anymore!

If you are not ready to perform correctly at the shooting range, stay at home and do dry fire instead.

It is takes time to replace your old habits. Do not expect that your performance will magically replace your old habits over night.

If you are capable to do better, it does not mean that you have to avoid a “boring routine” of dry fire practice as everyone did.

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“You can’t get what you don’t ask for”

“You can’t get what you don’t ask for.”

Would you like me to restate this statement in a positive way?

You have to separate yourself from the Olympic pistol recreational community. How?

Set aggressive goals for your development. Hire a Olympic pistol coach or consultant. Schedule your performance evaluation.  Work out your plan every day!

A direct correlation  exist between your goal and what you will achive!

Winter Airgun Championships and International ISSF events inThe USA and Canada

Canadian Airgun Grand Prix 2012

Canadian Airgun Grand Prix 2012

Canadian Airgun Grand Prix 2012

Canadian Airgun Grand Prix 2012

Canadian Airgun Grand Prix 2012/ Air Rifles

Canadian Airgun Grand Prix 2012/ Air Rifles

Canadian Airgun Grand Prix 2012/Steyr LP2Winter Airgun Championships and International  ISSF events inThe USA and Canada.

Book your calendar for the next Canadian Airgun Grand Prix, February 15-17, 2013!

Located at the Doubletree International Plaza Hotel, 655 Dixon Rd, Toronto, ON.

USAS Winter Airgun Championships  OTC

You can focus on the equipment. I will focus on the adventure of competitive performance.

"Perfect Single Shot Development Class. Troy", MI USA

“Perfect Single Shot Development Class. Troy”, MI USA

You can focus on the equipment. I will focus on the adventure of competitive performance.

If you are a FFL dealer, you can monetize not only on your creativity of marketing efforts, but on the quality of your service and the exclusivity of your product package (bundle). You can offer advertisement of my FREE Performance evaluation program for competitive athletes with any sales of your Olympic style (target) Pistols.

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Get yourself uncomfortamle with your current score performance and sign up for education

Sometimes, I hear complains about the price of “Perfect Single Shot Development Class” and associated expenses related to travel, hotel and food.
Let me clarify something. At the moment, when you make decision to change your current performance you have to break your current pattern of behavior. You cannot buy points any longer; you have to start working toward the new pattern of performance. In most cases during the initial evaluation of the current performance, I see from three to five points of my attention and your new level of awareness. It takes time to make those changes permanent. In most cases, it takes time from 30 to 90 days. It is important to stay connected to the source of this information (your coach, mentor or consultant). Sometimes, you may notice that something is not correct and your common way to solve those issues is ask questions on the  Internet. For recreational shooter, it is right way to do, but for competitive athletes; it is a slippery road for future disaster.
Since you made the decision to come to my class, you will face multiple points of changes as I mentioned before. It is not only a matter of time, it is also is a matter of changing your habits in your daily routine. It can definitely be described as an inconvenience and invasion on your comfort zone. Only one thing will become a constant if you will not take responsibility of this decision, your performance will never see any changes.
I started this discussion from a price point of view.

Price is an important part of my class! You must be ready and learn how to sacrifice something from the beginning, not after my class. You have to make a budget for this trip; I know it is inconvenient for you at this point. I have to be sure that you will overcome other inconvenienses of your current performance in a successful way as well as those temporary financial difficulties.
You learned how to make money your whole previous life; this society measures your performance by paying your salary or hourly rate. If you need improvements in this area, you will take educational steps and you will be rewarded by your efforts. Maybe there are other ways around, but this is the most common way to do successful things in your life.
Get yourself uncomfortable with something what you currently have, get some changes in your lifestyle by taking classes and paying for them, get yourself involved in those changes (force yourself to learn new things) and you will be rewarded in the end.
The same applies in Competitive Olympic Style Target Shooting. Get yourself uncomfortamle with your current score performance and sign up for education.

Perfect Single Shot Development Class 101. November 2012

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Something unexpected happened today!

"Perfect Single Shot Development Class", Troy, MI. September 2012

“Perfect Single Shot Development Class”, Troy, MI. September 2012

Something unexpected happened today during a training session with my international student Roy.

Roy came to our scheduled two day session from Sweden. In the first day, I presented the topic of “Perfect Single Shot Development”

"Perfect Single Shot Development Class", Troy, MI. September 2012

“Perfect Single Shot Development Class”, Troy, MI. September 2012

material in traditional manner. We went to the shooting range to practice with a Standard Pistol at local shooting range at Pontiac Lake, Waterford MI. It was a routine check for me to evaluate his performance and provide instruction for the next three months for the following training. Ray expressed that he is extremely happy with the new information and he will be able to do better at the shooting range in comparison with his usual performance. I thought that is only related to some initial excitement of the new information. During the second day, we began from 10:00 AM in the morning at the same shooting range. I made the decision to implement one of the drills of my advanced class. Initially, Roy was surprised to hear about any drills related to Olympic pistol and I decided to evolve a specific one to give him a test of advanced training. He was shocked initially and told me that he is not ready for advanced training. I repeated the new task for him and start watching all his steps. By the end of the first hour, he managed to score 93 potential points from his current average of 86 and tighten his group of shots as 1/3 of his performance on the first day. Honestly, I still cannot believe what happened today. By the end of the third hour he started to call the correct directions of the shots of “10s”. I expected to see such drastic changes no earlier than the next 3 months. As a coach, I should not be surprised. Honestly, I just cannot believe what I saw. He set a new standard of performance today! I cannot say any longer that you have to wait from two to three months when changes will take place.You can expect changes as early as the next morning! Great job Roy! I hope you will share your experience with our group soon.

Thank you ALL!

It was real pleasure to work with all of you guys!