The hardest thing of all…

“The hardest thing of all is to find a black cat in a dark room, especially if there is no cat.” 


I see many posts on “TT”of “self discovery” about how people think that more focus and concentration is what they need to improve their performance in Olympic Style pistol. Unfortunately, the reality is quite the opposite in most cases. I do not try to undervalue the ability to focus on the task for all 15 seconds; it is not biggest obstacle, but the outcome of expected performance is very unpredictable for some athletes and they blame psychology or think that improvement in psychology will improve the desired outcome. I have been involved in Olympic target shooting as an professional athlete (professional meaning as in someone who expected to perform in Air pistol no less than 575 and Free Pistol no less than 555 in competitive environment as I did for 15 years as an athlete) and 10 more years as a coach and consultant. From this point of years and expertise, I can say that before we will touch the very fragile subject of human psychology, let’s take a look at fundamentals first. A few alterations from the ideal stage in fundamentals will make it almost impossible to have a reliable outcome in an athlete’s performance. Digging more in the wrong direction with psychology only sounds sophisticated for bystanders and makes you think that you are involved in something extremely important, but your score of 540 or 550 is screaming something wrong besides your initial intention to improve psychology (focus and concentration).

Here is my advice. If you are looking to enjoy this sport now and in the future, take an educational approach. Learn something new today! Start with an evaluation of your current performance and stop looking for a black cat in the dark room because most likely, there is no cat present at this moment.

King Regards.

It is important not to follow this pattern of behavior …

Besides your goal to look for certain things to improve something, you will miss the important point which is time. There is a 90% probability that you can learn certain things in the wrong way initially by doing everything without mentoring, coaching, consulting or having an experienced reference group. By doing so, you will be looking for in the near future for a more sophisticated system to overcome those problems.

If the frog is initially exposed to hot water it will jump out immediately from this pot. If the frog is placed in pot with cold water and temperature gradually rises, the frog will stay in this pot until the time when it will boil. It is important not to follow this pattern of behavior.

Delay of initial evaluation is creating potential obstacles for your real progress. I see people talking a lot about psychological aspects of this sport at the level of 540 AP. There not too much psychology at this level. In most cases, there are 3 to 4 mistakes combined together at this level of improper execution of fundamentals.
The first challenge is to identify those issues.
The second challenge is to overcome 3 to 4 initially created problems.
The third challenge is to identify and prioritize the task.

Ignorance of not initially taking professional help in a timely manner will possibly lead to a development of not only one problem of what is bothering you at this point, but multiple issues. I’m very uncomfortable to provide assistance without initial evaluation of performance. I feel that “help” will possibly mask other important issues and it will compromise my intention to help. It is above my level of expertise to provide help without initial evaluation.