“Try and error method” vs. Trial and error method

“Try and error method” vs. Trial and error method.

There are no issues with the misspelling of conceptual idea. With the “Try” approach, there is the issue highly related to personality instead of System and Structure of performance. When I do initial evaluation of my students; current performance, I’m checking his knowledge of structure of all elements involved in the shot plan. If there are any missing points or misconceptions in structure, we will reestablish the value of all necessary elements. After three months of development, we can expect a new level of performance and continue to work toward higher values of their new points or concerns. Our goal to establish a strong system of performance where personality has less impact in overall performance. This approach can produce more reliable and consistent outcome instead hunting for “treasures from total strangers on the public forums”. If you have high competitive goals in your performance, you have to look at the complete System with potential support and possible chances to reassess your performance in a regular basis.