SCUBA Scuba Instructor Certification (Education & Cost)

“The program is carefully designed to give you plenty of time to explore underwater, while also working as an assistant in UTD classes, ultimately teaching your own UTD classes. You will complete the program with a minimum of 20 pool sessions and 120 cold water dives at depths to 130’/39m over five monthly cycles.”

Program Costs:

Training totals, includes all classes and materials, $12,000.

Equipment totals, includes above list, includes instructor discounts, $6,500.

Program total, $18,500.

UTD Scuba Instructor Certification (Education & Cost)

Cycle 1 • Recreational Diver

  • Rec 1/      Essentials
  • Practice      Dives
  • Rec      2/Nitrox
  • Rescue

Cycle 2 • Dive Technician

  • Cylinder Inspection Tech
  • Gas      Blender
  • Regulator      Service Tech
  • Dive –      Intro to Tech
  • DPV

Cycle 3 • Tech Diver

  • Tech 1
  • Class      Internships and Experience Dives
  • Divemaster

Cycle 4 • Instructor

  • Open Water      Instructor Development Course
  • Class      Internships and Experience Dives

Cycle 5 • Internship

  • Placement      in a dive shop, dive boat, resort, or some other appropriate situation.

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