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Zepter Michigan is serving online for high performing athletes since 2001.

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“SERGEY BUBKA   http://country.zepter.com/en/?m=570
6 times pole vaulting world champion and 35 world records broken.
The first man ever to jump over 6 meters and recordman nominated “Sport Person of the Century”
Zepter ambassador:

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Do you have to clean your Olympic pistol?

I’m not surprised about ambiguity and confusion of the some advices on “TT”.  At this point I just surprise that simplicity of this topic make people think in the wrong direction.
Do you have to clean your Olympic pistol? (Free pistol, Standard pistol or rapid fire pistol) It is does not matter (Free pistol, Standard pistol or rapid fire pistol), you have to clean it each time after live practice and clean it properly, if you are expecting high performance from your tool.

I think I have to include this topic in discussion during my next Intermediate level class in December.