“Independent View”?!?

This is all what you got, 5-6 “Independent  supporters” of your business decision Mr. Pilkington.

One of your supporters with forum name as a “Rover” and with extremely HIGH  rate of “contributions” as much as 1688 ! Location: Scottsdale AZ recently expressed his wisdom of ”there no such thing as NPA” and was corrected by sport psychologist from UK , Greg Derr and me with misconception which can drastically delay positive outcome of an efforts invested in training.

Another  independent supporter of yours  with name “Val (“Joined: 05 Dec 2012 Posts: 1) was such in a hurry to express his “contribution” too. He did it in his very first post on “TT”.  🙂

 Since you are on the position of the control “Target Talk” database, how many entities you already created with different names to support your “Independent View”?

You are making profit of sales! At least ethically, you must have a Legal disclaimer that your source is not substituting any coaching, consulting or instructional services!

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