Wrong time, wrong place….

dschaller wrote: I for one will find the forum much more useful now.”

Let me share my hope with you.

Someone likes me, some one is not, at least majority of you have interesting points of discussions other than barking on me because you do not understand something. I suggested earlier to avoid any confrontation we must have a few entries like: Recreational and Technical Diving in SCUBA diving. It does not automatically discriminate anyone just an idea if you would like to go deep or stay longer under water you will need additional knowledge and skills. The risk of doing so without proper knowledge or training is lethality or severe injury. Not too many plays those games with scuba, but many of you spent enormous time and money without strong foundation of knowledge by competing in Olympic pistol discipline, which is highly visible in National Score performance. 😦  The order to correct old habits is a long process. Most effective way is to get the right set of knowledge trough the Experienced coach or independent expert  if you are not such  fortunate as the “shooter 560”  from UK. 😉

Do I have to explain the meaning of the word Experienced? Because “shooter 560”  used his own vocabulary. I hope he can bring other values to this forum other than he is trying to achieve at this moment. I’m really concerned about his level of psychological knowledge at this point.  😦

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