Steve Jobs “made a dent in the universe”.

Steve Jobs “made a dent in the universe”.

Ask your host of what kind of dent he is trying to achieve besides dent on his readers pocket?

90% conversations and discussions about “stuff” will lead you to acquire more “stuff”? Do you need more “stuff” or you need higher score? :)

It is not a question what you need in most, tools or right set of knowledge.

Truth is you need both, one tool,  rigth set of  knowledge and motivation to reach your goal in score performance! 😉

I am NOT in competition with your FFL dealer, never was!

Someone is asking “Do I need more clients? “   Nope…. 😉

I need more readers.    😉   Thank you for asking.

Motivation must convert irritated “client” to patient student.

I need patient students! 😉

Educated and patient student will appreciate the value of the high priced tool to play with.  

His New level of skills and knowledge will match the Value of his precise instrument.  At this point we have a huge gap, or disproportion between amount of irritated owners who do not understand WHY they spent THIS amount of money for “THIS stuff.” 😦

I bought for the same amount of money three sets of good quality SCUBA (Mares first and second stage regulators & BCD) equipment in order to have real FUN during my Caribbean vacation. 😉

Good luck with your task to comfort your clients.  

What is my core message for my current and future students?

What is my core message for my current and future students?

Ask yourself:

Am I matter? 

What do I know?

What I don’t know yet?

What should be done differently in order to perform best possible score with my stage of physical abilities?

What I can learn from the best (leaders from my industry)? 

Who is influencing my decision making process?  (“member 53” or “struggle 525” from open source of information as the Internet forum)?

Who is benefiting from my decisions? (Achieving own financial gain and selling to me “stuff” and keeping me out of the right set of  knowledge to progress faster?)

“Understand Belives and True Belivers”

“Understand Belives and True Belivers” chapter six. Dave Lakhani

The requirement is …….; it is to influence the decision makers and allow them to spin the financial commitment in a way that can be easily accepted by the true believers.”  Dave Lakhani

“I can believe anything provided it is incredible.” Oscar Wilde

“The human brain is a complex organ with the wondeful power of enabling man to find the reason for continuing to believe whatever it is that he wants to believe.”  Voltare  

Let me ask you a very important question right now: What beliefs do you hold about your current score performance in Olympic Pistol?

 If you are competitive athlete, it is probably last thing what you want to see me “sharing” this online. 😉

Do you think it is expensive to take this class? I think it is bottom price for privet instructions what you can get for golf lessons or privet SCUBA diving lessons.  Anyway, someone is already influenced to you spent about $6,000.00 for your three essential tools (Air Pistol, Free Pistol, Standard Pistol), If you not done it yet,  you will do it extremely soon my friend and you will spend your time perusing other beliefs which is currently true for your mind state.

If you do not know how to use them for the best of your abilities, what the point to have them in the first hand. They can become nice wall hangers and nice conversational pieces.  Yes it is expensive conversational pieces at this moment,  all depends of your motivation to accept changes and learn something new or what was missing in your current performance for a long time.

If you do not like your current score performance you have to go over your current thoughts of “the process”.

Is it important ot you what I’m done?  Would you like to know how I’m done it? Come and talk to me.

2007 USAS National Finalist in Air Pistol and FREE Pistol discipline and Gold and Silver medalist of the 25th Canadian Airgun Grand Prix 2007 Toronto, Canada.

2006 Michigan State Air Pistol Champion (ISSF, Olympic Air pistol) with score performance 584 ( Final score 682-25)

2005, 2006. 2007 USAS NE Region Champion in FREE and Air Pistol events.

Certified NRA Pistol Instructor.

This subject can be clarified and explained by someone who studied subject of cognitive psychology

 What could be done to help your clients to enjoy their purchase decision?

Everyone who is in the process of buying Olympic pistol must be advised that purchasing high quality instrument is must not limit actions of the customer to seek professional help toward achieving high level of competitive performance.

Target is supplementary source and can be used for recreational target shooting community.

Reading, learning and implementing information from unknown sources over the Internet can delay or adverse desired outcome for competitive athletes.” (This subject can be clarified and explained by someone who studied subject of cognitive psychology.)

I really hope that all necessary steps and actions will take place before 2013.

Happy Holidays!