Steve Jobs “made a dent in the universe”.

Steve Jobs “made a dent in the universe”.

Ask your host of what kind of dent he is trying to achieve besides dent on his readers pocket?

90% conversations and discussions about “stuff” will lead you to acquire more “stuff”? Do you need more “stuff” or you need higher score? :)

It is not a question what you need in most, tools or right set of knowledge.

Truth is you need both, one tool,  rigth set of  knowledge and motivation to reach your goal in score performance! 😉

I am NOT in competition with your FFL dealer, never was!

Someone is asking “Do I need more clients? “   Nope…. 😉

I need more readers.    😉   Thank you for asking.

Motivation must convert irritated “client” to patient student.

I need patient students! 😉

Educated and patient student will appreciate the value of the high priced tool to play with.  

His New level of skills and knowledge will match the Value of his precise instrument.  At this point we have a huge gap, or disproportion between amount of irritated owners who do not understand WHY they spent THIS amount of money for “THIS stuff.” 😦

I bought for the same amount of money three sets of good quality SCUBA (Mares first and second stage regulators & BCD) equipment in order to have real FUN during my Caribbean vacation. 😉

Good luck with your task to comfort your clients.  

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