The Value of the Perfect Single Shot Fundamentals Development Class

Why do you need to spend $2,000 for your high end  instrument?

I posted this article on “TT” in 2005, and this is how our story begins. 🙂

Price Difference? $1,330
Score? Evidently, not a very significant divergence in score is visible on the targets.

I took my efforts to prove and represent my statement in honest way.

This is why went to several State, National and International events. Many of “TT” members can see what was done to accuse me for over seven years by selected group of individuals on “TT”  in dishonesty and greed, all accusations was made with quiet approval from the host and owner of this forum.

 I do not blame Greg Derr to withholding valuable information for number of years. There still national proud to see your own national banner razing over other banners from different countries. We all will work hard to experience this moment in our own athletic career, (but it goes kind of off the current concept of the “combine wisdom” of sharing common public information on the Internet as a forum,  sorry).  And he Fought hard to prove me wrong! Question is: what for.  😦

2005, 2006. 2007 USAS NE Region Champion in FREE and Air Pistol events.

2006 Michigan State Air Pistol Champion (ISSF, Olympic Air pistol) with score performance 584 ( Final score 682-25)

2007 USAS National Finalist in Air Pistol and FREE Pistol discipline

 2007  Gold and Silver medalist of the 25th Canadian Airgun Grand Prix  Toronto, Canada.

The High Road forum

The High Road forum

I think this place has high moral standards and can be used for discussions for Olympic style competitions as well, without fighting for freedom of ” free speech” again.