What is the difference?

Are you still below 565 in Air pistol score performance? Nothing works, nothing changes. This is not a question to my students who already took “Perfect single shot development class”. This is question to you! This is question to you, who is searching the Internet forums and fishing for magic tips to improve your performance. Look around where you are looking for the solutions for your problems? Anonymous friends from the Internet or your local coach who is reading the same confusing information over the internet and have no real life experience in Olympic style pistol shooting. They can talk a lot. The only problem that they are chasing are symptoms instead to cure the actual condition. What is the difference?

The difference is to see the actual picture of the final perfect shot performance and explain to you what should be done in your personal case toward the new level of performance. It takes me to recognize your problems within 30 minutes of your precious time.

It takes about 8 hours of my time to work with you to reestablish new values in your old patterns of performance.

It takes at least three months of your hard work to bring new values at your automatic level of performance. This is the general idea about what should be done to help you move your performance up toward the desired level of 565 and above.  I hopeit will helps. 😉

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One Response to What is the difference?

  1. The set of knowledge and skills to shot over 565 will be the same with more emphasis toward psychological aspects of the performance. 570 is not world class either. 😉
    Even it is not national levbel any longer.
    desired level of 565 and above565 and above were initial key words. 😉
    Thank you for your desire to improve my statement.

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