Truth Must Be Told: How Much Is It FUN for You to Do Holding Practice for 9 Hours Every Day?

Olympic Style Target Shooting, Ruslan Dyatlov at the Shooting range, FREE Pistol TOZ-35M

Olympic Style Target Shooting, Ruslan Dyatlov at the Shooting range, FREE Pistol TOZ-35M

2007 USAS National AP Final, Ruslan Dyatlov 5th place.

2007 USAS National AP Final, Ruslan Dyatlov 5th place.
Day two: J. Turner 576; B.Beaman 572; D. Szarenski 576; T.Rose 576; R. Dyatlov 576.

 someone  as “seamaster” wrote: Posted: Thu Dec 13,

“Daryl Szarenski some insight into his training.

He said when he first joined AMU (Army Marksmanship Unit), his training for first two months, 8 to 5, every day was just holding practice. He was not allowed to fire a single shot during those two months. Just holding practice. He would put a piece of stick pad paper with a small dot, a few inches away from his muzzle, and just hold pistol to that point until he could not hold any more. .Building up those shoulder muscles stamina and getting natural point of aim to become just an afterthought. Over and over for TWO months.

Now a day, his favorite drill is to just like the above holding practice on a paper dot, but add trigger pull. He would full as fast as he can pull without disturbing sight alignment. If he felt like his alignment is disturbed by his fast trigger, he would slow down until they are not disturbed. Otherwise, he would just pull as FAST, and as smoothly as he can.

He said during London Olympic, he does not have access to shooting range every day. This holding/ fast trigger pulling exercise is all he does in the Olympic Village.”

Truth must be told. How much is it FUN for you to do holding practice for 9 hours every day? 😉

Do I have the knowledge, experience and skills to speak up about this subject?

There are some other details are missing, but in general I think that a little truth will not hurt your way of do things, right? 😉

“seamaster” Posted: Tue Dec 04

That was fun !! Shooting should be fun.

That was more fun than all the chit chat on whether Russ is contributing or not.”


Do you have a similar experience under your belt? You are probably watching his performance and you think that he is just talented. If you can handle the same load of work toward your goal, your performance will be the same as much as his. The only difference was how you were told initially that shooting is only fun. For him, fun has a different meaning.

Fun is to get  the job done.

Fun is get the highest score in the line of the athletes at the shooting range day by day.

To accomplish this task you need THE Right set of knowledge and English bulldog attitude to get what you want and be at the score level where you should perform. Think about it. 😉

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