Let’s talk about the price for my class today

USAS National AP Final.2007 USAS National AP Final, Ruslan Dyatlov 5th place.

2007 USAS National AP Final, Ruslan Dyatlov 5th place.
Day two: J. Turner 576; B.Beaman 572; D. Szarenski 576; T.Rose 576; R. Dyatlov 576.

Let’s talk about the price for my class today.

I would like you to understand few things. The first thing is RESPECT.

Respect of your hobby or passion. It must be important enough to you in the scale of measuring price for “stuff” (tools or hardware) and your final goal to perform at the certain level at the best of your abilities. As far as I know, the set of two hi-end pistols Morini Air $1,800 and Free $1,900 in today’s market is about $3,700. Standard pistol Hammerli 208 will cost you about $2,700.00 in today’s market prices. So, you must be ready to spend only for your tools above $8,000 with (repair kits, balance weights, air pump or SCUBA tank and etc.)

Respect of my achievements in North America. I participated only in two major events: 2007 USAS National and 2007 Canadian Grand Prix.  I made finals in both events and performed a relatively respectful score besides my first priority to take care of my bills and work over 50 hours in a week.

Respect of the knowledge. What you will learn over two days with me is slightly different from what you learned before. Each of my words are extremely important. This is why I have work with you in private. Everything will be customized to your own needs. This is why we will expect different result over the next three months.

Respect Time. I spent too much time to understand what is working and what is not. I definitely can save YOUR time if you respect mine.

When you will take a look over your past experience and choose the NEW value of your future achievements over the silly price tag, you will understand the power of the right set of knowledge.

If you do not understand the value of the word, RESPECT, you cannot learn from me even if you already spent more time and money by participating with other experts.


Ruslan Dyatlov

Midwest Academy Consulting Group


“Chuck turner”  wrote: Making a final in one match and winning some local “club” matches even if it was in Canada. Would you pay the prices you not to the shooter who came in one place ahead of you? Of won the match? “

“Most likely not since spending money is not the key to success.”  Is it your current belief Mr. Chuck”? 😉

I definitely agree with you Mr. Chuck that “spending $8,000.00 toward hardware only “is not the key to success”.

What I’m not agree with you Mr. Chuck , that  insulting all those athletes who came to participate in The Canadian Air Pistol Grand Prix and USA National from USA and Canada is not very best strategy to have argument with me. 😦

I think, those who took my class already have different value about time and money spent with me. I can admit there was a different price tag. Unfortunately, economy is not doing well in our days and I’m trying to be reasonable with my current price as well. If it not fit to you budget Mr. Chuck,  it was probably the wrong initial intention of yours to invest the FIRST $2,000.00 in your “hardware” if you do not have enough money for your continuing education. 😉

I will definitely recommend  your friends  to pay attention for the advertisement and classes promoted by following athletes who were ahead of me at USAS National.

Shopping around is always fun. 😉

1. J. Turner 576;

2. B.Beaman 575, 572;

3. D. Szarenski 576;

4.  T.Rose 576;

5.  R. Dyatlov 576.