For Competitive Athletes Only

For competitive athletes only.

Do you consider yourself a competitive athlete in Olympic pistol? If your answer is yes, I have another set of questions for you.

Achievement & Award Collection

Achievement & Award Collection

What is the objective in your competitive performance?

To pay money and support industry? To have fun by making holes in the paper? To socialize with others who share the same interests with you?

Are you aware that there are NO any health benefits in your activities and investment of your time and money? Besides, you will be exposed to air pollution, lead poisoning, and joint pain for your back and elbows. Would you like to spend more time at the shooting range or less?

You can say that some mental properties will improve during your practice… ????

My dear friend, you CAN expect that you can develop some mental properties in your performance IF your actual level of the performance will rise to the level of 565 in AP and 535 at least in FREE pistol. Otherwise, you are making profitable improvement only for those who sold you idea of this activities and highly expensive equipment which is not making any difference in your performance regardless of your intention to pay more for your stuff.

You can compare yourself with a yoga student who bought a yoga mat for $50 and is working hard to achieve mental awareness every day through hard work with guided instructions in a local yoga studio. The yoga mat is his tool, same as your Olympic pistol. The only the difference he is not preconditioned to make endless improvements in his yoga mat as you do for your pistol, but to see some changes in his health, flexibility, and mental awareness.

My advice for you my competitive friend is to set your goal high.

Get to the Initial Competitive level of 565 in AP ASAP and start working at your ACTUAL mental properties.

Otherwise, sell your equipment and start doing yoga instead; you will receive more real fun and health benefits. 🙂


Ruslan Dyatlov

Olympic Pistol Competitive Performance Consultant