“Work Out vs. Work In”

“Work Out vs. Work In”.

“In theory, there is no difference between theory and practice. But in practice, there is.”-Yogi Berra

I strongly believe that the price of your education in Olympic Pistol Competitive Target development MUST be YOUR most important decision in comparison with your efforts invested toward choosing your “tool” and all those “talking” about the “stuff” and “fun part” of making holes in the paper.

Since there are no any vital health benefits of spending your valuable time at the shooting range, My Goal is to provide for you The Precise Set of information and instructions, which I personally developed over 17 years of my personal ISSF Competitive experience and presented over a few National and International events in North America  in 2007.

My Goal is  to make you repeat my experience and develop strong knowledge and skills to perform in the short period of time a respectful level of performance in slow Olympic Style Competitive program.

Ruslan Dyatlov is teching “Perfect Single Shot Development Class in Olympic pistol”

Ruslan Dyatlov is teching “Perfect Single Shot Development Class in Olympic pistol”

Make yourself feel that THE knowledge of your development is equally important to you as your $2,000.00 tool. Bring yourself to THE NEW level of awareness and new stage of the practice performance and competitive performance.

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“Each problem that I solved became a rule which served afterwards to solve other problems.”  Rene Descartes

The first 30 minutes includes an evaluation of performance. Free of charge. Please bring your Targets (Air pistol or Free Pistol, 50 m eter Pistol) and Olympic pistol Grips for our initial conversation.


One Day Seminar 101: “Olympic Pistol for beginners”. $950.00.

Two Days Seminar 101 : “Olympic Pistol for beginners”: $1,850.00.


“Perfect Single Shot Development Class in Olympic pistol”: $2,550 (three months of online support).

“Perfect Single Shot Development Class”: $5,750 (one year of online support).


Master class: “Olympic pistol from beginners to International contender” $9,500.00.