At the Time When the Price of Ammo Goes Up…

The price for ammo increases in addition to not being available.

I’m trying to get ready for a Police Combat Match at my local Sportsmen’s club, where the 1st Prize is Springfield 1911 Trophy Match,  and 2nd Prize is Springfield XDS. Bi-Tone.

Today I went through a few local gun stores in order to buy some ammo for practice. What I found was ammo simply became unavailable to purchase in addition to 95% of inventory that disappeared from the shelves. It looks very strange 😦

It made me think in that case, when the price of a single box of 9mm ammo went from $14 to $39-$60 with no value added and without visual reasons, the value of guided consulting is worth in the same respect and specific numbers of money saved down the road to achieve progress in the training process.

Today I will concentrate  my efforts to see what can be done in the scope of implementing cross training with Olympic style target shooting skills and knowledge toward achieving  success in the Police Pistol Combat Match.

Mar 1-3 OCSC Police Pistol Combat Match

Knowledge Should be Shared

“Knowledge should be shared!” 

Song of the Morning, a Yoga Retreat of Excellence, May 24-27, 2013.

Song of the Morning, a Yoga Retreat of Excellence, May 24-27, 2013.

The big Question is how would you like to share it as a formula or as a product?  Live examples such as sharing information are a formula of the Coca-Cola drink or the beverage. We see the same worldwide competition about technological approaches in all areas of our life. Do we share it or we are selling those products, like cars, computers or software programs,  and etc.

Since there is worldwide competition in Olympic style target shooting in addition to high prices paid by some governments to the athletes for domination in this industry, I think there is nothing wrong to keep some secret ingredients of the formula for your own use or share it for the right price. 😉

If you want to see result, you have to schedule your time and relocate your financial sources for education to learn it as a complete system. If you would like to see the result and progress in your activities, you must be certain in what are you doing; do not rely your education on tips of unknown sources from the Internet. You do not need too much information. You need to know the exact key combination which will fit to your personal needs to become successful in this field. Don’t just “kick tiers” or “try”  to get yourself mentally ready.  Learn from the people from whom you can trust or are the best in this industry and engage yourself in full speed of development. If you allow me to be your guide, I need your permition and you to acknowledge your real goal of your development.

Three levels of development are available from Midwest Academy Consulting Group.

Basic Olympic pistol for beginners.

Advance level for competitive athletes.

Master class for National and International endeavors.

Join me at May 24-27, 2013  at “Song of the Morning”, a Yoga Retreat of Excellence as a part of Advance Level education for competitive athlets.

Call or text: 1-248-935-3257

Learn more:

USAS PTO at Bay City Michigan (ISSF Ruls)

If you would like to let me see your competitive performance, I can offer to you take a tour with me to the local PTO Official USAS Match at Bay City.




Date: February 3, 2013

Range: Riverside Shooting Club (Duncan’s Outdoors) 501 SalzburgBay City, MI 48706

Does it Really Matter for You?

“How much money do pro shooters make?” 😉

Does it really matter for you? Are you thinking of changing careers?  Why? Do you not like your job, or you do you not make enough money to pay some fee for your continuing education? It did not happen yesterday, I presume. Your low score and unhappiness in your profession and lack of funds to pay for your class has the same roots. If you will have will power to change one thing, you will see some changes in other aspects of your life and performance. This is related to the subject of your mental part of  preparation.

You can do visualization and other interesting things to get your mind occupied; it is really does not matter because a few items are missing from the entire picture at each stage. Priorities are not established and initial evaluation is not complete. You can make yourself believe that at some day, someone smarter than you are will share with you valuable information of “how to get things done in the most effective way with less amount of time and less effort.” Even when this happens, your mind will not be ready to digest this information because you digested a lot of pointless “clues” and made them valuable for your set of priorities (Personal beliefs) and overcame homeostasis (“refers to an organism’s ability to maintain stable internal conditions“) . Your new  goal  is to reestablish new values; it will take time and real effort from you. It is hard work, my friend. First, if you are not really committed, it will be just a waste of your time and effort because there is no health benefits in this sport. Second, if you do not understand how to score 565 in AP, it is clear evidence that you are having problems with understanding values of the perfect shot process, known as The Perfect Shot Development Class; this is counterproductive development as well because you cannot switch the attention of your mind from  dealing with mistakes at a lower level of your development. Instead start working on the psychological part of your development. I hope this is more understandable.

Are you still complaining about everything when no one can satisfy your needs with all those attempts on “TT” to bring valuable information in the front of you?  Nothing will ever change until you will make the decision to take steps toward education. This class has the key to open your mind toward everything what is available to you. Your personal experience with the performance of a basic score of 565 in Air Pistol will open doors for your real understanding of what is really important and what is not.

My best wishes!

Perfect Single Shot Development Class 101 With Russ

Stairs Vs. Maze

Arte you feel trapped with your low score performance in Olympic pistol?

Do you feel trapped with your low score performance in Olympic pistol?

Some of you who already passed the perfect single shot development class and made your own progress as I promised  up to 20 points in the next three months (based on your initial score performance), are probably wondering why I’m offering continuing education and why the asking price for Con. Education is actually higher than the initial class. The truth must be told, most of you came to me from the Internet source known as a “Target Talk”, where the level of 565 in AP is a dream score for the majority of the readers. I have a big disagreement with this source and the leader who is manipulating public opinion of the whole concept.

With a specific set of structured knowledge of “the single shot development class,” everyone who works with me and followed my exact instructions was able to improve their score performance up to the level which they are psychologically comfortable. Some of them made progress up to 572 in two and a half months. It sounds unbelievable for all those people from “TT”, who follow the old rules of buying points and talking about “stuff”. This is why I’m no longer part of this group and not wasting my time in pointless arguments about my system and structure of information. I will probably miss some discussions with some nice people there. Unfortunately they cannot dominate and openly tell the truth about the same result as I received.  It was my pleasure to have discussions with some of those who at least were not afraid to sing their names at the bottom of their posts.

Let’s go back to the topic. From my point of view, 565 in AIR pistol is the basic level of your competitive performance and this level must represent specific structure in your mind and correct expressions toward your development. If 565 in AP is your dream score and you are happy about it, it is completely OK with me. You got what you came for. If you would like to stay at this level, it is your choice, if you would like to go forward, you must assume that the NEW level of structured information lays on the top of your existing basic level (565) of performance in air pistol.

This level is above understanding and experiencing the most common parts of discussions at “TT”. I’m not interested to be involved with the process of customer entertainment with some of the new customers who recently spent over 2K for top shelf equipment which will probably never show benefits.

My goal is to work with some of you who are able to accept the simple thought:  top of the line equipment  has different properties than human development which can be the subject of our next level of your attention. I’m very confident in the area of this development and I am looking only for those people who believe in themselves and are able to reach the initial competitive score level of 565 in Air pistol or reach up to 20 points after two days of initial training with me.

See you at my Advance class in 2013 gentlemen.


Arte you feel that your low score performance in Olympic pistol is only first step of your future learning process?

Do you feel that your low score performance in Olympic pistol is only the first step of your future learning process?

Gold Ore

gold ore

gold ore

Do you like this picture? Why did I post it? How can it be connected with your current development in the Olympic pistol? It is pretty much similar to the steps of the process of gold extraction; you need to accomplish it during your development. Let’s say that your goal is to collect the gold from ore.  What are the steps you need to follow?  First, you need gold ore (the subject of your development is Olympic style target shooting and your desired score level of development). Second, you need tools for your development (your initial investment in your Olympic style pistol), but do not stop here yet. Third, you need the knowledge to accomplish this job. Meet certain conditions, such as a specific temperature level, a specific proportion of inclusive elements in your formula of gold and specific steps of the process. “Gold readily creates alloys with many other metals. These alloys can be produced to modify the hardness and other metallurgical properties, to control melting point or to create exotic colors” (the perfect single shot development class is the best way to go in our case).  Fourth, you need a high level of temperature for smelting process. I can compare it with the temperature of your desire. You can rate it yourself by your score performance during practice or competitions. The purest form of gold can be developed with the highest level of temperature during the smelting process. If you stopped your efforts at the level of buying “stuff” or improving your equipment, it will be foolish to expect any high score development in the nearest future. A high enough goal and a burning desire to accomplish your dream will lead you toward your teachers and the right set of knowledge. It is your own pass to find out what is missing in your development and why your score is not fit to your real desire. I’m pretty much done with my attempts to explain the idea of the development.  I do not see the complete explanation of the process in one single source of information. I found it fascinating to collect and connect all of the pieces together. There are no real needs to open it for everyone. People can live without it with no problem. But the joy of the discovery can make them happy. The process of looking toward self development, self discovery, and set of specific, correct expressions can make the difference in your current performance. You do not need too many words to explain about the process, but you need many words to mask your unclear way of do things in your current stage of development. Take a look at your scores and describe your process.

Do you need someone to help you understand what should be done to improve your existing level?

Join me in April 2013 for  Five Days Retreat in Mexico (Riviera Maya) Master Class.

Only 180 Shots What it Takes to Get AA Class in Men’s Air Pistol

USA Shooting Classification Card/ Russ/ Ruslan Dyatlov  Class AA Olympic Pistol

USA Shooting Classification Card/Russ/ Ruslan Dyatlov Class AA Olympic Pistol

Only 180 Shots What it Takes to Get AA Class in Men’s Air Pistol.  😉

If you are having concerns about your shot plan and you become concerned why you stuck at the low level of performance, I will be happy to provide my Free evaluation and answer most of your questions.

My goal is help you to understand that the set of specific knowledge of the “perfect single shot development plan”, initial evaluation of your performance, specific fitness routine and mental game are equally important as your $2,000.00 tool. You have to invest respectful amount of energy, time and efforts to develop balanced game plan to be ready for opportunity to meet required competitive score level with your dream to make a National team or a Travel team.


Classification Averages

Official classifications are established in each of the following groups of events within a discipline.  Score averages should be based on the equivalent of the last three courses of fire.  When calculating averages the numbers are not rounded.

5.3.5 Free Pistol Classification

For competition in 50m, 50 yard and 50 foot, free pistol events.

AA……………………………….90 and above

A…………………………………….86 to 89.99

B…………………………………….80 to 85.99

C…………………………………….74 to 79.99

D…………………………………….73.99 and below

5.3.7 Air Pistol Classification

For competition in 10m air pistol events.

AA……………………………….92 and above

A…………………………………….88 to 91.99

B…………………………………….84 to 87.99

C…………………………………….78 to 83.99

D…………………………………….77.99 and below

BIOS as an Initial Language for Your Future Successful Performance

If you understand how a computer works, you may compare your initial training with me as an establishment of the correct BIOS system (“de facto standard defining a firmware interface”) or initial language for your future successful performance.

This Set of Knowledge is an essential tool for any competitive athlete who chooses to invest time and effort toward competitive performance, not only in recreational activities with recently purchased Olympic pistols.

This is a specific set of knowledge which must guide you toward the essential level of competitive performance of 565 in Olympic Air pistol and 535-540 in 50m Olympic Pistol or (Olympic Free pistol).

Perfect Single Shot Development Class 101 With Russ/Ruslan Dyatlov Class AA

USA Shooting Classification Card Records Ruslan Dyatlov Class AA

There are some vital elements missing from common public knowledge at this point. Those advantages are used by elite groups of experts who are capable to perform solid scores over 575 in Air Pistol and over 555 in Free Pistol at a constant basis.

It is up to you what kind of guidance you will follow and how you value your commodities (“In economics, a commodity is the generic term for any marketable item produced to satisfy wants or needs”).

If the time is not the essence for you, you can try in your own way to reach your desired score level, or simply sign up for the next available class with me.

I took my knowledge and limited amount of time and efforts to show what can be accomplished with proper set of education and less expensive set of equipment in 2007.


Preliminary Tryout Matches (PTO)  ”All USA Shooting sanctioned competitions are recognized as preliminary tryout matches for the USA Shooting National Championships provided ISSF events are conducted. Preliminary tryouts are open to all competitors meeting USA Shooting eligibility requirements. USA Shooting will establish qualifying scores, which must be met in preliminary tryouts to qualify competitors for automatic invitations to the National Championships.”

This Is Can Be My Definition of FUN ;)

This is my definition of FUN.  Bikram Yoga

😉  What is yours?

This is your Bonus package.

During your stay in Troy, Michigan I will offer for you Free yoga classes with me every day. We can do yoga practice prior our training session or after by your choice (Bikram Yoga or Hatha Yoga).

Registration for February & March 2013 is in progress (Beginners level. Advance level & Master class)

All classes taught in privet manner. Parents are welcome to participate with us.

My personal preferences about yoga mat and yoga bag is: “Manduka”

Water bottle is: 40 oz 18/8 stainless HydroFlask  Insulated.

Yoga towel is: Valerie Bertinelli.

Fun places to do shopping for your new yoga apparel:

Lululemon Birmingham, MI.

Lululemon Athletica, Troy. MI  Somerset Collection

I really hope that your personal journey of yoga will not stop you after investment of full package of yoga stuff and cool NEW  trend of yoga apparel  by taking only some classes with me, but will open for you new perspective toward health and longevity.

Address: 2801 W Big Beaver Rd, Troy, MI 48084
Phone:(248) 649-6267

You Can Avoid Reality

“You can avoid reality, but you cannot avoid the consequences of avoiding reality.” Ayn Rand

“As many know, the Chinese expression for “crisis” consists of two characters side by side. The first is the symbol for “danger,” the second the symbol for “opportunity.”