BIOS as an Initial Language for Your Future Successful Performance

If you understand how a computer works, you may compare your initial training with me as an establishment of the correct BIOS system (“de facto standard defining a firmware interface”) or initial language for your future successful performance.

This Set of Knowledge is an essential tool for any competitive athlete who chooses to invest time and effort toward competitive performance, not only in recreational activities with recently purchased Olympic pistols.

This is a specific set of knowledge which must guide you toward the essential level of competitive performance of 565 in Olympic Air pistol and 535-540 in 50m Olympic Pistol or (Olympic Free pistol).

Perfect Single Shot Development Class 101 With Russ/Ruslan Dyatlov Class AA

USA Shooting Classification Card Records Ruslan Dyatlov Class AA

There are some vital elements missing from common public knowledge at this point. Those advantages are used by elite groups of experts who are capable to perform solid scores over 575 in Air Pistol and over 555 in Free Pistol at a constant basis.

It is up to you what kind of guidance you will follow and how you value your commodities (“In economics, a commodity is the generic term for any marketable item produced to satisfy wants or needs”).

If the time is not the essence for you, you can try in your own way to reach your desired score level, or simply sign up for the next available class with me.

I took my knowledge and limited amount of time and efforts to show what can be accomplished with proper set of education and less expensive set of equipment in 2007.


Preliminary Tryout Matches (PTO)  ”All USA Shooting sanctioned competitions are recognized as preliminary tryout matches for the USA Shooting National Championships provided ISSF events are conducted. Preliminary tryouts are open to all competitors meeting USA Shooting eligibility requirements. USA Shooting will establish qualifying scores, which must be met in preliminary tryouts to qualify competitors for automatic invitations to the National Championships.”