Gold Ore

gold ore

gold ore

Do you like this picture? Why did I post it? How can it be connected with your current development in the Olympic pistol? It is pretty much similar to the steps of the process of gold extraction; you need to accomplish it during your development. Let’s say that your goal is to collect the gold from ore.  What are the steps you need to follow?  First, you need gold ore (the subject of your development is Olympic style target shooting and your desired score level of development). Second, you need tools for your development (your initial investment in your Olympic style pistol), but do not stop here yet. Third, you need the knowledge to accomplish this job. Meet certain conditions, such as a specific temperature level, a specific proportion of inclusive elements in your formula of gold and specific steps of the process. “Gold readily creates alloys with many other metals. These alloys can be produced to modify the hardness and other metallurgical properties, to control melting point or to create exotic colors” (the perfect single shot development class is the best way to go in our case).  Fourth, you need a high level of temperature for smelting process. I can compare it with the temperature of your desire. You can rate it yourself by your score performance during practice or competitions. The purest form of gold can be developed with the highest level of temperature during the smelting process. If you stopped your efforts at the level of buying “stuff” or improving your equipment, it will be foolish to expect any high score development in the nearest future. A high enough goal and a burning desire to accomplish your dream will lead you toward your teachers and the right set of knowledge. It is your own pass to find out what is missing in your development and why your score is not fit to your real desire. I’m pretty much done with my attempts to explain the idea of the development.  I do not see the complete explanation of the process in one single source of information. I found it fascinating to collect and connect all of the pieces together. There are no real needs to open it for everyone. People can live without it with no problem. But the joy of the discovery can make them happy. The process of looking toward self development, self discovery, and set of specific, correct expressions can make the difference in your current performance. You do not need too many words to explain about the process, but you need many words to mask your unclear way of do things in your current stage of development. Take a look at your scores and describe your process.

Do you need someone to help you understand what should be done to improve your existing level?

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