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Arte you feel trapped with your low score performance in Olympic pistol?

Do you feel trapped with your low score performance in Olympic pistol?

Some of you who already passed the perfect single shot development class and made your own progress as I promised  up to 20 points in the next three months (based on your initial score performance), are probably wondering why I’m offering continuing education and why the asking price for Con. Education is actually higher than the initial class. The truth must be told, most of you came to me from the Internet source known as a “Target Talk”, where the level of 565 in AP is a dream score for the majority of the readers. I have a big disagreement with this source and the leader who is manipulating public opinion of the whole concept.

With a specific set of structured knowledge of “the single shot development class,” everyone who works with me and followed my exact instructions was able to improve their score performance up to the level which they are psychologically comfortable. Some of them made progress up to 572 in two and a half months. It sounds unbelievable for all those people from “TT”, who follow the old rules of buying points and talking about “stuff”. This is why I’m no longer part of this group and not wasting my time in pointless arguments about my system and structure of information. I will probably miss some discussions with some nice people there. Unfortunately they cannot dominate and openly tell the truth about the same result as I received.  It was my pleasure to have discussions with some of those who at least were not afraid to sing their names at the bottom of their posts.

Let’s go back to the topic. From my point of view, 565 in AIR pistol is the basic level of your competitive performance and this level must represent specific structure in your mind and correct expressions toward your development. If 565 in AP is your dream score and you are happy about it, it is completely OK with me. You got what you came for. If you would like to stay at this level, it is your choice, if you would like to go forward, you must assume that the NEW level of structured information lays on the top of your existing basic level (565) of performance in air pistol.

This level is above understanding and experiencing the most common parts of discussions at “TT”. I’m not interested to be involved with the process of customer entertainment with some of the new customers who recently spent over 2K for top shelf equipment which will probably never show benefits.

My goal is to work with some of you who are able to accept the simple thought:  top of the line equipment  has different properties than human development which can be the subject of our next level of your attention. I’m very confident in the area of this development and I am looking only for those people who believe in themselves and are able to reach the initial competitive score level of 565 in Air pistol or reach up to 20 points after two days of initial training with me.

See you at my Advance class in 2013 gentlemen.


Arte you feel that your low score performance in Olympic pistol is only first step of your future learning process?

Do you feel that your low score performance in Olympic pistol is only the first step of your future learning process?

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