Does it Really Matter for You?

“How much money do pro shooters make?” 😉

Does it really matter for you? Are you thinking of changing careers?  Why? Do you not like your job, or you do you not make enough money to pay some fee for your continuing education? It did not happen yesterday, I presume. Your low score and unhappiness in your profession and lack of funds to pay for your class has the same roots. If you will have will power to change one thing, you will see some changes in other aspects of your life and performance. This is related to the subject of your mental part of  preparation.

You can do visualization and other interesting things to get your mind occupied; it is really does not matter because a few items are missing from the entire picture at each stage. Priorities are not established and initial evaluation is not complete. You can make yourself believe that at some day, someone smarter than you are will share with you valuable information of “how to get things done in the most effective way with less amount of time and less effort.” Even when this happens, your mind will not be ready to digest this information because you digested a lot of pointless “clues” and made them valuable for your set of priorities (Personal beliefs) and overcame homeostasis (“refers to an organism’s ability to maintain stable internal conditions“) . Your new  goal  is to reestablish new values; it will take time and real effort from you. It is hard work, my friend. First, if you are not really committed, it will be just a waste of your time and effort because there is no health benefits in this sport. Second, if you do not understand how to score 565 in AP, it is clear evidence that you are having problems with understanding values of the perfect shot process, known as The Perfect Shot Development Class; this is counterproductive development as well because you cannot switch the attention of your mind from  dealing with mistakes at a lower level of your development. Instead start working on the psychological part of your development. I hope this is more understandable.

Are you still complaining about everything when no one can satisfy your needs with all those attempts on “TT” to bring valuable information in the front of you?  Nothing will ever change until you will make the decision to take steps toward education. This class has the key to open your mind toward everything what is available to you. Your personal experience with the performance of a basic score of 565 in Air Pistol will open doors for your real understanding of what is really important and what is not.

My best wishes!

Perfect Single Shot Development Class 101 With Russ