Knowledge Should be Shared

“Knowledge should be shared!” 

Song of the Morning, a Yoga Retreat of Excellence, May 24-27, 2013.

Song of the Morning, a Yoga Retreat of Excellence, May 24-27, 2013.

The big Question is how would you like to share it as a formula or as a product?  Live examples such as sharing information are a formula of the Coca-Cola drink or the beverage. We see the same worldwide competition about technological approaches in all areas of our life. Do we share it or we are selling those products, like cars, computers or software programs,  and etc.

Since there is worldwide competition in Olympic style target shooting in addition to high prices paid by some governments to the athletes for domination in this industry, I think there is nothing wrong to keep some secret ingredients of the formula for your own use or share it for the right price. 😉

If you want to see result, you have to schedule your time and relocate your financial sources for education to learn it as a complete system. If you would like to see the result and progress in your activities, you must be certain in what are you doing; do not rely your education on tips of unknown sources from the Internet. You do not need too much information. You need to know the exact key combination which will fit to your personal needs to become successful in this field. Don’t just “kick tiers” or “try”  to get yourself mentally ready.  Learn from the people from whom you can trust or are the best in this industry and engage yourself in full speed of development. If you allow me to be your guide, I need your permition and you to acknowledge your real goal of your development.

Three levels of development are available from Midwest Academy Consulting Group.

Basic Olympic pistol for beginners.

Advance level for competitive athletes.

Master class for National and International endeavors.

Join me at May 24-27, 2013  at “Song of the Morning”, a Yoga Retreat of Excellence as a part of Advance Level education for competitive athlets.

Call or text: 1-248-935-3257

Learn more:

USAS PTO at Bay City Michigan (ISSF Ruls)

If you would like to let me see your competitive performance, I can offer to you take a tour with me to the local PTO Official USAS Match at Bay City.




Date: February 3, 2013

Range: Riverside Shooting Club (Duncan’s Outdoors) 501 SalzburgBay City, MI 48706

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