At the Time When the Price of Ammo Goes Up…

The price for ammo increases in addition to not being available.

I’m trying to get ready for a Police Combat Match at my local Sportsmen’s club, where the 1st Prize is Springfield 1911 Trophy Match,  and 2nd Prize is Springfield XDS. Bi-Tone.

Today I went through a few local gun stores in order to buy some ammo for practice. What I found was ammo simply became unavailable to purchase in addition to 95% of inventory that disappeared from the shelves. It looks very strange 😦

It made me think in that case, when the price of a single box of 9mm ammo went from $14 to $39-$60 with no value added and without visual reasons, the value of guided consulting is worth in the same respect and specific numbers of money saved down the road to achieve progress in the training process.

Today I will concentrate  my efforts to see what can be done in the scope of implementing cross training with Olympic style target shooting skills and knowledge toward achieving  success in the Police Pistol Combat Match.

Mar 1-3 OCSC Police Pistol Combat Match