PPC Matches & Banquets In Great Detroit Area. March 2013

Oakland County Sportsmen’s Club

4770 Waterford Rd. Clarkston, MI 48346

POLICE PISTOL COMBAT MATCH & Banquet   March 1st, 2nd & 3rd

Awards: 21 Guns WILL be Given Away.\ 🙂

Combat Match, 5 classes- 3 places

1st. Springfield 9mm 5.25 XDM
2nd. Springfield 9mm XD

Banquet: 5:30 pm Sunday March 3rd at OSCS Main Building.

Featuring:  60 Round Combat, 60 Round Service and 42 Round Service Matches

Fenton Lakes Sportsmen’s Club

1140 Butcher Rd
Fenton, MI 48430-1232
FLSC PPC Match  & Banquet.
Date : 17 March 2013 (Sunday)       From : 5:00pm   To : 9:00pm Category : Banquets

PPC competition is the good place where the skills and knowledge of the “Perfect Single Shot Development™” can be used to shorten the learning curve and save tons of money for ammo and practice time. 😉

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