RESULTS of The Canadian Airgun Grand Prix 2013 Air Pistol.

“Daniel shoots to gold in Canada”

“The Canadian Airgun Grand Prix is the largest international airgun competition in North America and attracted 56 competitors from Wales, India, Ecuador, USA, Trinidad and Canada.”

RESULTS of The Canadian Airgun Grand Prix


1. Roger Daniel—T&T—1241.1

2. Anthony Munoz Choez—Ecuador—1233.7

3. Mark Hayne—*Canada—1229.6

4. Sylvain Quellette—Canada—1221.8

5. KenSnyder—USA—1219.7

6. Yuri Movshovich—Canada—1216.8

7. Allan Harding—Canada—1210.5

8. Ferdi Cakmak—Canada—1208.6


1. Daniel/Choez—1139.0

3* Haynes—1132.

4. Quellette—1126.



7. Harding—1120

8. Ferdi Cakmak—1117