Structured Order of Fundamentals and Mental Game.

Attention to all my students who accomplished “The Perfect Single Shot Development Class”.

The Shortcut

The Shortcut


As we went through all fundamentals during our initial two days of training, you received all information in structured order. The next step is the mental game and strategy of the performance to be structured. This is why I would like to emphasize on the structure of the mental game at our next advance level of education.

The important thing is to reach 560 -565 in AP on a constant basis (practice sessions) before you deeply engage yourself in the game of competitions. This is why I am offering you support over 3 to 6 month after initial training. If you are motivated enough and your health is not an issue, you will see the progress in the following two months (20 points of elevation in your performance is a very conservative number).

In order to gain 560-565 in AP, you mostly need to direct your attention to the structure of fundamentals. If you are ready to take the next step toward your progress in the mental game, it is the best time to schedule your next visit to Troy, Michigan.

“Memory feeds imagination. Imagination can create amazing things, drawing on pictures, ideas and experience that are stored as fragments of memory in my subconscious. These memories are catalysts for creation. When I access the store house of memories within me I begin to know myself better and can enjoy the power of my imagination’s ability to create.”

Let me know if you would like to proceed and schedule our next meeting.